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  1. I suppose the word should be "rebirth" and "reincarnation". Rebirth applies to humans and reincarnation applies to God. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks.
  2. You should be appreciated for exposing your ignorance in this forum.
  3. Hello 16 years The same thing happened to me when i was in school.I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone wanted to take revenge on one of my family members and did the damage to me simply because i happen to be there. This was done by a Muslim family to me ; I still remember, they asked (forced me in a way) to drink coffee and i was innocent enough to drink it. Soon after that my "frequency" got jammed. I was once more a victim, the following year, this time again by the same Muslim family. What happened the next 23 years i am not going to discuss here, but all the time an entity was jamming my frequency and was interfering with my thougts all the time i would say. Some one close to me observed my behaviour and pointed out that it was something "abnormal" though "not always". It was at this time i started re-tracing the sequence of events in my life and located this Muslim family doing black magic to me (i know the reason). I approached a hindu temple and they advised "Sudarshana Homam"; I did the same and soon after that i was gradually out of it and within few months i am COMPLETELY OUT OF BLACK MAGIC. My life has DEFENITELY IMPROVED for the better. Now i am a devout devotee of LORD SUDARSHANA. You have to submit yourself SINCERELY when you do the SUDARSHANA HOMAM. You have not mentioned what religion you belong to. I regulary listen to Lord Iyappa songs by Veeramani , Kanda Shasti Kavacham , besides Baja Govindham and not to mention about reciting Sudarshana Ashtakam everyday. I do offer prayer to other gods like Vinayaka , Iyappa, Sani Bhagawan (Sanaichara Stotram) and Hanuman (Hanuman Chaleesa). musicindiaonline.com and raaga.com have many of these songs and/or slokas. This does not mean that i hate Muslim community ; Infact one or two of my good friends are muslims. You will find good and bad people in most walks of life. It is just bad time. Anyhow, once you realise the POWER OF SUDARSHANA CHAKRAM this Black Magic will become a thing of the past. Hope this helps and improves your life. Call me AH.
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