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  1. Oh my God=) Please help me to explain this thing to my fellow travelers! ALL material is made of spirit, it is just dense and slow form of energy. It is the frequency that matters! And you can change frequency by thinking differently;) If you sacrifice food to God, it becomes spiritual, and same applies everything else too. When you sacrifice something material to God, it becomes spiritual. If you do something to yourself instead of offering it to God, it is a material act. For example if you pray,and ask something for yourself instead of asking what you can do for God, your pray becomes material act! If you smoke MJ as sacrament, it can indeed help you on your way to GODhead, as a matter of fact, Holy Cannabis generates alpha brainwaves, and that is the FIRST step in spiritual life, you can get alpha brainwaves by meditating, breathing deeply, brain entrainment etc. BTW. you can't kill plant by cutting it, if you take any living part of a plant, it has the potential to make new plant! You can free plant spirit by burning the material, and ask help from the Spirit by doing so;) -Mauri-
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