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  1. As far as the problems with the other devices are concerned I can’t help it. As I have noticed the speed of the network is good, but if I start downloading some files from the net the speed of download is only slow but now the browsing speed. This is not a new problem; it is the case since I have been using this system. But the other systems connected to the same hub are havening a better speed.
  2. Vegetarianism, as a way of life, is definitely on the rise, with more books and articles published on the subject with each passing year. Many of the articles refer to the superior health of the vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists, as well as to the humanitarian or spiritual advantages of vegetarianism. However, my research forces me to conclude that caution is warranted regarding vegetarian diets. This article discusses why people are attracted to vegetarianism, biochemical changes that occur on vegetarian diets, and when vegetarian diets are appropriate.
  3. What is the purpose and goal of meditation in Buddhism? To reach a point of enlightenment so one can reach nirvana. Nirvana is a state free from suffering and individual existence. What are the common or popular systems of meditation in Buddhism?
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