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    Founder and a priest at the Judeo-Christian Hindu Assembly.
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    Shillong, MEG, India
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    Teaching and Learning, Helping, Loving
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    Hindu and Christian teacher.
  1. Namaste all, I am in the process of founding the Judeo-Christian Hindu Assembly, an interfaith organization seeking progressive dialogue between members of these three ancient faiths. From the website: The JCHA strives to make inter-religious acceptance mainstream. By uniting three of the world's oldest existing theistic religions, we can move forward as a family and as a planet. The JCHA is established on the following principle: Love fulfills the Law. It is our mission to transform how people interact within their own faith groups, and among those faith groups outside of their own, to enhance a world coming together as a race of lovers in a culture of love. At this point, the JCHA needs as much support as possible. If you can help spread the message, please do. Our URL is Judeo-Christian Hindu Assembly (make sure to include the 'www'). Thanks and peace to you all. Your friend and brother, Acharya Brahmananda
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