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  1. <font color="blue"> Pranam Guest Jee ! Yes you are physically right. You say regarding the body only. But the combination of these CHOPSN makes some GOD (Generator Organizer and Destroyer) particles also. We are the chemical engines and the consciousness, the thought, the SOUL operates this Engine. Without Consciousness, the chemical substances are inactive. Are the CHOPSN act for the life and divinity or soul acts with these substances ? What do you think ? </color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay ! </color>
  2. <font color="blue"> Nmaskar Sephiroth jee, You have written nice. This is the real fact regarding Hindus. Sometimes I think, we are dead before death. If someone wake up, no one follows him / her. We are going towards slavery again. We are divided by racism and selfishness. We don't learn lessons while see others. According to me, your post may awake some people who read this post. Thank You so much. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivaye ! Chelaaraam </font color>
  3. <font color="brown">SEEKER</font color> <font color="blue"> What's that odor, once I inhaled ? psycho-magnetic drug or elixir ? I'm intoxicated to that . . . . Not an earthly particle . . . . Came from the eternity I seek again and again. Once I tested mystic nectar. Forgot other intoxications later. I felt, I am eternal . . . . Running after mirage . . . . Since the big-bang and . . . . . I seek final destination again . . . . . Once I accompanied with an angel. Mortal companions ? I abandoned. I saw surrounding me . . . . . . Foes, furious animals and ghosts . . . . . Among them, I was strong. I seek to be connected that energy . . . . I'm apart from that source . . . . My friends ! Show me way . . . . To be reconnected that eternity . . . . Here eating animates and inanimate . . . . No satisfaction, no peace . . . . . I seek nectar, where can be found ? </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  4. <font color="brown">Pranam Guest ji ! </font color><font color="blue"> According to my knowledge, (but actually I have no knowledge, just discussing), when the chemical engine (body) become old or for any reason it smashes, the SOUL doesn't stay more inside to operate it without air and vibration. Since a long time within the body creates an attraction to it, so after leaving the body, soul moves around the dead-body or living places for some period of time. Some people say, for three days and some other say, 13 days or until an expression by Ved-Mantras (to the soul) that "you are separated from the body and the body is smashed". In avdhoot Gita, the Ghatakash (air or space in a pot) merges into the Mahakash (space, universe, infinite space). The soul, the ENERGY form of the jiva. In another plane, another dimension. The plane is not far, but we can not realize it because we are not so spiritually developed. A mystic person can realize. The soul can act in energy form, some times powerfully and also some times helplessly. The matter is what he / she earned (spirituality) in his / her life-time. It is 'out of body' experience. Like in your lucid dream, you experience traveling, fighting, romance, sorrow and flying etc. The soul passes the time in energy form until his / her period of that form as per the karma is not ends. Then he / she is sent to another plane or realm, it may be a body form in this mortal world or another. </font color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  5. <font color="brown">Pranam Lord Einstein ! </font color> Re. Actually if i tell my motive you wont believe it. But still Facts are stranger than fictions". <font color="blue"> GaneshPrasad ji asked your motive, but your motive is clear through your statements. You are imaging yourself a clever person and others are fools in this forum. If you tell your motive, people will not wonder, because people know that there are so many kinds of straying JIVAs in this mortal world. For a dark mind facts are stranger but for a conscious (purna-chetan) mind facts are creative. Which you refer ? </font color> Re. In vaikunda shiva and vishnu were discussing these questions. Shiva asked vishnu to create a square circle. Vishu created it. Vishnu asked shiva whether shiva can not exist. Shiva did that and disappeared(ha,ha clever vishnu) Before disappearing shiva asked vishnu whether vishnu can create parabhramman no2.<font color="blue"> In vaikuntha, Shiva asked Vishnu, "Prabhu, Ravana and other asuras and atheist people are created by you. Those are so critical and threaded animates they can understand the language of power only. Can you create a square circle"? Lord Vishnu started to create the circle and Shiva disappeared because he thought, Lord Vishnu is the creator, if he creates more . . . a Lord Einstein like creature . . . then both will be puzzled. </font color> Re. Vishnu agreed and created Parabhramman no 2.That is none other than me. Now i came down to earth to test the earthlings.Ha,ha,haaaaa <font color="blue"> Yeahhhhh ! Prabhu Parabhramman no 2 ! So this is Kal-Yuga. Actually Lord Vishnu said, "Hey Shiva ! Why you are interested to create the destructive Parabhramman no 2 . . . before the time"? Shiva disappeared without answer. Ha, ha, haaaaaaa . . . . I have heard this type of sound only in 'Ram-lila' play. This is just a discussion forum, Lord Einstei. You are the lord of scientists, you can understand everything, but I am really a chelaa of 3 years old. </font color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  6. <font color="brown"> Pranam GaneshPrasad ji ! </font color> Re. Devine touch is absolutely necessary but does it click accidentally or randomly? Or do we invoke his mercy when we surrender and say I have no idea how this all work. <font color="blue"> According to me, It doesn't click accidentally nor randomly, but systematically, sincerely, honestly and regularly. Surrender is the main problem of illusive animate (mayavi jeeva). 'I and Mine' appears randomly and forcefully in between desires, passions and 'surrender'. Jeeva forgets that nor 'I'nor 'Mine' and 'The world disappears in him'. I is the shadow / reflection of reality and while not 'I' then from where comes 'Mine'? Yes, GaneshPrasad ji, We need complete surrender to our Master or Preceptor (to the God / Deity). I know nothing, I have nothing, I am the beggar of his mercy. I am separated from my realm for my misdoings. I am in this mortal illusive world, in this physical body to suffer the consequences of my past misdoings. For the liberation / salvation I need complete surrender to disappear in him. </font color> Re. How can you not wonder at the splendour of this gigantic creation, but the biggest wonder is how much more wonderful is the creator. <font color="blue"> Really I can't imagine. I wonder at my body, my mind, my passions, my desires and my relatives, which are attached with me. In more than 40 years I didn't know a lack about them, then how can I know the gigantic creator ? GaneshPrasad ji, there is a saying that "In this mortal world (an ordinary person) doesn't know another person completely although if they use to sleep whole life in one bed". So we need to be enlightened with divine inner rays otherwise we wonder and wander at every creature. </font color> Re. Ram is the key, Antaryami leads the way. <font color="blue"> Antaryami leads the way but eleven ghosts are more attractive than he. They show us the colorful Maya when we try to change our directions. 'Ram' is the key but to achieve this key there are so many battalions of bhoot, prêt, asuras and attachments kick us back to the hell. </font color> Re. I wonder why? Memory wipe out at the time of intense pain of birth. Moha and maya promises the earth later. <font color="blue"> I think this is the interesting game of our creator to play. His entertainment to see that how much jeeva become pure and come back to me after facing all these obstacles. </font color> Re. I have no experience to relate, please explain if it is a drug then I stay away. </font color><font color="blue"> Just leave the imported topic.</font color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  7. <font color="brown">Hello Guest ! </font color> <font color="blue"> If a piece of ordinary iron comes in touch of a piece of magnet, it turns into magnet. If a wild animal comes in a human family, it will not be wild so longer. If a sinner comes in touch of a saintly person, he leaves the sinner activities. If a philosopher's stone touch any rough material, it becomes gold. So you seek for a real master, noble soul or Sat-sangh. In touch, your mind, activities, language and behavior will be changed. Follow the advises and rules of that divine soul. According to my concept, this is the easy way. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  8. Chelaaraam


    <font color="brown">Guhroo ji ! </font color><font color="blue"> Mystic people say, "the God can appreciate only your heart's language and not any other language". Here the matter of sanity, insanity and sanctity. If a person don't care about washing the dirt of his body after works, like mechanic, potter, cobbler, chemical factory worker etc, then how does he feel ? In hindu tradition, take a bathe daily after come out from latrine and toilet every morning. Some other people wash the body part after every time while come out from toilet. Any cultured people will not like impurity and dirt. You are saying about a biological dirt like other biological exhausts. Mark the point that, in temple or any place where we prayer or do pooja, always keep neat and clean with scents. Even though mortal man doesn't like dirty place and dirty body then how a deity would like it ? </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  9. <font color="brown"> Pranam GaneshPrasad ji ! </font color> Re. Never to be satishfied this Kaama is the source of misry. <font color="blue"> Without divine touch we can't erase / delete these sources of misery. If time to time we try to do it from our physically conscious mind, but from sub-conscious and unconscious minds these foes wake up and come again and again. Lust, anger and Ego . . . man can avoid lust and anger . . . but ego ? Ego is the powerful enemy of peace. </font color>Re. Your choice of path is wonderful, only after life of one Pentium to another to amd to what not some one tells you get some more Ram, problem solved peace at last Sivam sivam sivam. <font color="blue"> Nothing wonderful in the Universe. We wonder at something because, we have no knowledge of that. We wonder while magician shows his magic because, we can't understand the actual reality and realize only the virtual. Even though, magician showing us a part of science or spiritual science. We, our science can't create anything new, but only change the states. Scientific and spiritual ideas were in the universe before the big-bang, in the form of seeds. The seeds of creatures. These seeds are present in our subconscious and unconscious brains, not now, even though since thousands incarnations, but MAYA influences us and we are dancing. I forgot my creative brain, my infinite inner beauty and my SOUL while came out from womb and illusive mortal world touched me. After uncountable death and rebirths, I can't remember my power, reality and realm. So I wonder while see a magic or other miraculous happenings. Do you wonder also, GaneshPrasad ji ? </font color>Re. Wise choice hard to find a true guide beware of mukhMe Ram or bagleMe churi.<font color="blue"> I try to avoid these bagal-mein-chhuri. Wise choice is hard but as per wisdom and some signs of a real 'Ram' we can measure a lack. </font color>Re. Those powerful ghost has no independent pull, we fooled by virtual reality get attracted via eleven gates then we surrender the control and give power of attorney to the senses although we press the back button and yet blame some one else. <font color="blue"> Yes we enslave of devils after rebirth and forget the promise to the God. I should collect the divine energy to fight against them. Astras like Naam, Kirtan, Mantra, sincerity to prayer and maximum touch of BhootNath ji. What do you think about entheogenic (psychic herbal, which are used by world wide tribal and some Indian mystic people) influence ? </font color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  10. <font color="brown"> Namaste K. Signh ji ! </font color> <font color="blue"> Yes, we can achieve. Need 'Sat-Sangis' on line. There are huge amount of 'Sangis' everywhere and they would like to develop their body and mind, a Sat-Sangi is seldom available who would like to develop the SOUL. Lol ! Lol ! If you try you can get a junk mailing list. You have idle time, but the people like me, morning to evening serving organizations, sweating for food, cloth and shelter for dependants, no idle time for continue connections. Instead of Cell A1 we can cut and paste on other places those are more bright and easy to visible. In its place I shall try to become a 'Yogi'myself in guidance of a Yogi. Is not it better ? Furthermore, I shall try to read Autobiography. It's a progressive suggestion, Thank You. We are already hanging up in between wife 1.0 and children 2.7 . . . soul 1.0 and passions 5.0 . . . conscience 1.0 and mind 1.17 . . . body 1.0 and disease 1.100000000 . . . infinite . . . etc. Yes, we need good buddy at every step, every place, every way, in every incarnation, every visible and invisible worlds. We are the six hundred crores on this planet are from the one source. We are apart from the main source and think separate entities in our mortal minds. A stainless mind seeks for a good buddy and a conscious soul seeks for oneness with the main source. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  11. <font color="brown"> Pranam GaneshPrasad ji ! </font color> <font color="blue"> BhootNathji is always merciful to me. My life and after-life both are going on and will be going on smoothly and optimistically by his grace. I hope so. Yes gates are available for free and there are no guards. But I haven't so much knowledge to go on alone through those gates. I need guide. Bhakti gate-way, Gyan gate-way, Karma gate-way and Hatt gate-way are there, but I wouldn't like to wander in the tunnel without a guide. In guidance, sit on the board of Tantra, Mantra or Yantra shuttle 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2, an user can try to connect. 'Sir Bill gate' is a noble soul and we can reach up to 'msn.com'. Many people are interested to surf the attractive advertisements. I need Ram more than you. In fact, when I required 'Ram' in my CPU, I was running after 'Rum'. Instead of Ram, Ram, Ram; I was chanting Rum, Rum, Rum and Jiva, Jiva, Jiva; but now slowly becoming a parrot of BhootNath ji. In our planet there are so many precious minerals. After passing through many furnaces (bhatti) and beatings these may be prepared for beautiful ornaments. Naturally free but Master is the gold-smith, black-smith and washer-man. Here viruses are coming in from nine external gates plus eleven internal gates. I don't press 'Back-button' but there are eleven powerful ghosts with me they pull me back and press 'Back-button'. I am just trying to make them feeble. </font color>You wrote :- To surf beyond cosmic server we need to clear all the virus and Ram helps us in both direction, choice is ours. <font color="blue">---You are right. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  12. <font color="brown">Pranam K. Singh ji ! </font color> You wrote : So I'll try a more direct link. I'll use EXCEL LENT 8.0 for part of my messaging to simulate Iron key encryption 6.0 in building my access link <font color="blue"> Well done ! C:/Divorce isn't a powerful cleaner. Try 'http: // hww.cosmicrealm. net/detachment.exe' . After an scan, try to install anti-illusion 9.11, mind-killer 5.1 and anti-desire 5.0 . Execute these again and again, your wife 1.0 operating system will become feeble slowly. You had acted divinely in Sep '99. You are my elder. Surely I shall surf the web site 'narayaniamma.org'. Thanks. No doubt 'Amma' is a Goddess in human form. Your sleep, naps and darkness will be vanished with the grace of amma. I am also trying to come in light with the grace of my mystic friend and guide (master). Yes I am ready to enter into your network. You are my senior, so fortunately I shall be learning so much from you. Yes share your nectar, but 'am unable to connect EXCEL LENT 8.0 Cell (A1). Sorry for the interruption. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  13. <font color="brown">Pranam Ganeshprasad ji ! </font color> You wote : Re (Try to wake up and peep in to the supreme cosmic operating system 1.0 .) Can you down load this for free? Jai Shree Krishna <font color="blue"> Re. There are some software which can't be pirated or free downloaded. In fact, the packages, which are to advert or attract, are available for free down loading in the internet. But the costly and important software are only for sale (credit). These are having lock systems or secret code systems to operate. If I try to down load it free, I can success for a lack. Because the key of the lock of this system (the secret code), the master knows. Without teacher I haven't learnt anything about IT, so without a complete master (purna Guru) I am unable to down load 'Mysticism 1.0' from the cosmic server. I am not an expert of this IT field. I am Just 3 years old and reading manuals. </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  14. <font color="brown">Dear K. Singh,</font color> <font color="blue"> You were within a LAN of only 7 clients and were not connected to the cosmic supreme server. You thought these 7 wonders are the real mortal world. Once you have installed wife 1.0, the powerful operating system, it will kick out any other version of operating system and similar software. You have done a folly doing as I had done(in deep sleep). Unexpected but full-stopable processing will be continued untill you will be concreted up to your throat. Wife 1.0 is a automatic, robotic controlling system. Now you are the robo and wife 1.0 is the operator. Every application will be kicked out crashed. Now you have no choice. Actually we should install mysticism 1.0 in our systems, but in our deep sleep we install Illusion 1.0 . Through mysticism 1.0, we should be connected to the Guru Gate-way. When we need up-link, we fall in down-link. After entering this gate-way, connect the cosmic centre through your system. You will be beyond all other applications, operating systems and net works. Try to wake up and peep in to the supreme cosmic operating system 1.0 . </font color><font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
  15. <font color="brown">Pranam everybody ! </font color> <font color="blue"> I am Chelaaraam (for this forum). You will be wondered that I am only three years old. But, for this mundane world, I am over 40 (the age of my body). Three years ago I met a mystic person (first time) and then slowly just I'm being awaken. I was sleeping, in deep sleep, in the dark womb of this mortal world. I was running after mirage. This world, which is smashing every moment, every relationship depend on selfishness, every action depend on 'free-will' or consequence of karma. I thought real. Isn't it true, I am only 3 years old ? </font color> <font color="brown"> Om Namah Shivay !
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