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  1. Hi, I am newbie, just about a month and half into this arena. I was looking for a solution to a personal crisis situation and came across a bagalamukhi sadhak who suggested me a bagalamukhi prayog.I have completed that and started another one. I have a few questions in general about sadhna and in particular about bagalamukhi sadhna. 1. If you have bought a mantra and rosary for a sadhna or prayog, can you use it later also. I believe the more the number of mantras you chant on a yantra the more energised it gets...am i right? Say for bagalamukhi prayog i bought yantra and yelloe hakeek rosary. As I have start another bagalamukhi prayog, can i use the same yantra and rosary again. 2. What is the simplest initiation process that has to be done before you start chating the mantra. I do the following: First I chant 1 bagala gayatri mantra and ask ma gayatri for forgiveness for any mistakes i make in pronunciation/process Avahaan... Since i dont use much of the sanskrit, I basically invite the godess to come reside in the yantra- chitra and accept my Jap. Invite the Guru in guruchitra to guide, supervise and help in sadhna. 1. Bath the yantra, chitra and guru chitra...i add some gangajal to the water..is it ok? 2. Put tilak 3. apply sindoor 4. offer kalawa 5. dhoop, deep n agarbatti..mostly all three 6. naivaidya Anything important I am missing here!!!!! Then I have a mantra that basically means I have no knowledge about yantra, mantram tantra, stuti, dhyan, or other processes of sadhna but i know you are very kind and forgiving and you bless those who pray to you. Then I recite Guru mantra a few times. Finally I start with the mool mantra chanting Do guide me in the process. 3. Some one told me the HLEEM bagalamukhi mantra is shaapit..is it true? 4. Also I reaf somewhere that "padam stambaya" is to be used only by brahamcharis..not by grihasths 5. Also while going through several forums on tantra mantra..I read somehwere that women sadhaks do not need to do homam...correct or no? 6.The position for mantra chanting..is it fixed or can u move in between..i dont mean get up, just change the position..is it ok to take wall support, drink water etc. Are there any rules defined for this. I can't sit for long one position, have to change but I make sure i dont do that in middle of a rosary. I dont have a guru but these prayogs are suggested by an experienced sadhak so he is my guru for this purpose. 7. I dont have a focus..although my mouth is chanting the mantra, my mind is wandering else where....does it happen with all newbies..or is there a way I can focus on ma bagalmukhi only..i try really hard. 8. If I take a sankalp do I have to do the same number of rosaries everyday or I can change as long as i finish the total in time. 9. How to know if your prayog/sadhna has been successful....see visible results.....how long do u wait before you start again on it.. 10. What do u do if your deepak/candle dies because of some reason....relight and start again. 11. what do u do if your rosary falls while counting..i use a gaumukhi so that it doesn't fall on the floor but if it falls in the bag i do that mala again. 12. Is it allowed to take a break and sit again for chanting...say you r doing 101 malas each day. For those of you who have been doing Sadhna for a long time..these questions may sound silly but for me I want to improve my way with your able guidance. So please help me.. I have reffered to books but they r either too short or too detailed. Any suitable book you may suggest...i would definitely go through. I would really want tp get in touch with fellow female sadhaks...anyone who has tried bagalamukhi sadhna would be a great help. Regards Aanandita
  2. hi, would you be able to share the gentle version of bagalamukhi sadhna with me. I am already working on some bagalamukhi prayogs. I am currently doing 3 hours 7 days, would like to do longer if you have a sadhna procedure. thank u so much.
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