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  1. Dear Satnam Navaratri is approaching - it is the best time to begin any such devi-related mantra sadhanas. Best of luck MY
  2. Dear Vidds Sorry to hear of you predicament. There are a number of reasons why this may be happening but the number one is root cause is ultimately karma. Focusing on burning all the negative karma of you and your family's past lives is vital. There are two great mantras from the Veda for such an effort. One is the Gayatri Maha Mantra and the second is the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra. I would have the whole family learn the pronunciation and chant - if possible, together - daily. In the absence of chanting it yourself, play them out loud in the house from CD/MP3 etc. These two mantras separately or together can work miracles and change fate itself. A way will be made, a path will be discovered. Don't lose faith and good luck! MY
  3. Dear Newbie If I may present my view. I have heard of such things happening before. I believe it means that you have been chanting such mantras in a prior lifetime, or have been praying to that particular deity in prior lifetimes. Hearing it once more when you are spiritually mature has triggered something to bring that back. I would embrace it and continue to chant it. Visions and guidance are likely to follow. Best of luck MY
  4. Dear Guest I have not personally heard of such a process or mantra, but would recommend that you focus on reducing your stress levels, take the appropriate nutrients daily, including a full set of vitamins, and meditate. I always find meditation to Ganesha always helps me to find the way. Best of luck MY
  5. The you are talking of may be the following verse from the Veda: Om Gananam tva Ganapati gum Havamahe. Kavim Kavinam Upamasra vastamam. Jyestharajam Brahmanam Brahmanaspata anasrnvannutibhissida sadanam I would direct you to ensure you hear the authentic pronunciation when listening to Veda mantras. Singing or mispronouncing them will lessen the benefits of the mantra. Search on raaga.com. There are many fantastic versions of all mantras in their Sanskrit section. Good luck MY
  6. Hello Agarwal I am sorry that you recently lost your job. The second line beginning "Aum Namo..." etc is the Ganesha Gayatri mantra. In essence, it is a meditation on, and prayer to, Ganesha, the great obstacle remover. This will help remove any obstacles you have in finding a new job. Best of luck! Mantra Yogi
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