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  1. As I have begun to delve into my research of Hindu Beliefs I have of course been told and found for myself that there is such diversity within this religion that it is difficult to place all whom practice it into the same catargory. However I have also read that the most common belief in a sense of 'god' within Hinduism is that the main creator or god is in all that lives and in everything surrounding us. And that god comes in various forms to earth in ways people can concieve. Therefore creating many gods and godesses of the same being. However I am searching for a good and full resource listing brief descriptions of each and every form of a sense of the creator in gods and goddesses - have there been any comprehensive listings (preferably with images) of this sort made? Either in a book or website that anyone can recommend to me? I would also be very interested in knowing a brief summary of the main god or goddess worshipped by indivuals on this message board. If any of you feel open enough with such a thing to share your thoughts, feelings and speak of your devotions here? All responses are always appreciated and with an ever-curious mind, read respectfully and with thanks for everyone here who is helping me to gain knowledge for my interest. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. It is always heartwarming to be welcomed! The link is very informative - Thank You. I will enjoy exploring that site more fully tonight. Thank You also for explaining your signiture to me as I am just beginning to learn. I hope to learn more from you all in future times.
  3. Again thank you - that was a very interesting and informative read as an introduction to gaining knowledge of the Sanatana Dharma branch. Its certainly inspiration to look into more. Today a friend of mine who has interests in many different religions lent me a copy of "Bhagavad Gita" to read. I'm sure as I read it I will have many more curiosities that need to be answered!
  4. Wow - that really is a lot to take in all at once as I am just beginning to dip into my research and exploration of Hinduism. But of course appreciated, and I am sure with more knowledge gained and research done into the information you have layed out to me here I will surely grasp everything of which you speak. Its lovely to know that you want to help me learn - Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am a 19 year old female looking to explore and gain knowledge of Hinduism. Growing up in England it has been a religion I have glimpsed at in certain mild ways yet never really known anything about. I was not brought up with beliefs from any specific religion, just with the mild awareness of many within the world. Still Hinduism is something that I am now at a point in my life where I want to know more about, from those who practice and surround themselves with it. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend me books to read or websites to view as a starting point for gaining both basic and deeper knowledge of Hinduism? I would be greatly appreciated in many ways.
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