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  1. no prob sapphire. yeh hope we can disscus more. let me know how the research goes... by the way, what is the research for? and are you looking into other beliefs/faiths/religions also?
  2. oh i see. thanks. a friend of mine tells me that his 'cast' is brahman cast (priest). and he was saying that they worship brahma the creator. which is why i was thinking more about brahma not being supreme. can you tell me more about lord brahman though? i don't realy know much.
  3. helo, in reply to your quiry about hindu gods, from what i have been told, there are apparently 333,000,000 gods. but whats the purpose of all those gods? well the supreme lord, is lord krishna. 'krishna' meaning all beutiful. maybe if you choose to research into the supreme lord you may discover more about krishna. lord brahma is the creator of this universe, and lord visnu is the preserver, and lord shiva is the destroyer. don't ask me about the destroyer - shiva, i don't know. many people see brahma as the supreme, but he is not. brahma did create the universe, but brahma was created by krsna. brahma was born from krishna's navel. brahma may have created the universe, and may be in charge of it, but the universe is material, above the material universe, there is the spiritual world. which krishna is in charge of. i read a story of krishna when he was on this planet, that brahma stole krishna's friends and cows, and so krishna expanded himself intohis friends and cows so that the families of the friends wouldn't know. when he did this brahma realised that krsna is the ultimate personality of godhead and offered him prayers. here is the story on 2 pages, http://www.krsnabook.com/ch13.html and http://www.krsnabook.com/ch14.html i couldn't understand why there were so many demigods and for what purposes, but here is how it was explained to me. "just like you have the prime minister who is ultimatly in charge of the country, you also have his different ministers who are in charge of the different parts of the government, eg. health, transport, economy. in the same way krsna is in charge, but he doesnt need to do anything because the various demigods are put in charge of the different aspects of the material world, eg. laxsmi for money, ganesh for prosperity and so on. so these demigods only have limited power and are under krsna." you may already know that hindu's believe in life after death, and where your next life depends on how you life this life or previous lifes, all linked to the soul. but the only way out of this cycle is to surrender to krishna. i hope this has helped you a little, although i know that my explanations aren't very good. also some links that may help you. www.krishna.com www.krishnasoc.com http://www.iskcon.com/ (http://www.iskcon.com/about/parampara/srila_prabupada.html) and also, if you are from the U.K http://www.iskcon.org.uk/ hare krishna
  4. any devotee of krishna knows that krishna sometimes tests us to see how true we are. i began getting into KC when i learned about the difference between the spiritual life and this material life. i am not a devotee myself but i am a third into the bhagavad-gita. one of the first things i learned was that KC can not be forced onto someone. it's also true about your sons karma i guess. i am a year younger than your son and i know that when someone tries to force something on me, it pushes me further away. i can understand why you would want to force him to return to hinduism, but do you want to push him away? i once listened to a talk given by a sanyasi, in the bhaktavidanta manor in watford, U.K. he is rusian and took to KC at the time when the KGB were in larger affect in russia. they had captured him one day and aparently threatened him and told him to leave this faith, forget KC. but instead, he thought, wow, this krishna must be something if KGB are doing this! so you see, if you try to force your son, it may have such an affect. someone mentioned the book, "perfect questions, perfect answers" this is a great book, i first read this then began the gita. but maybe you could talk with your son calmly as someone suggested, and find out why he doesn't want to stay with hinduism. i didn't know much myself untill i started asking questions. but my parents haven't tought me much about krishna. what i know i have learned from other sources, such as the gita. maybe this is my karma. but please whatever you do, don't force your son into anything. ...maybe he knows more about christianity than hinduism, or krishna! hare krishna
  5. as you may know, brahma is the creator of this earth acording to the hidu religion. a friend once told me that he has been braught up worshipping lord brahma and his family are devotees of brahma. but lord brahma was born from krishna's naval - (belly button) and this comply's with the fact that krishna is the supreme. i also have read in my copy of the bhagavad gita - as it is. that by worshipping krishna, all demi gods are automaticaly worshipped. as krishna is the personal benifitiary of all sacrifices, and the master of all demi gods who serve him as different limbs of the body serve the whole. i am no expert in KC nor a devotee, just thought that this may be of some interest to you. At the time when Aghasura was killed and the demigods were looking on the incident with great surprise, Brahma, who was born out of the lotus flower growing out of the navel of Visnu, also came to see. He was surprised how a little boy like Krsna could act so wonderfully. Although he was informed that the little cowherd boy was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he wanted to see more glorified pastimes of the Lord, and thus he stole all the calves and cowherd boys and took them to a different place. Lord Krsna, therefore, in spite of searching for the calves, could not find them, and He even lost His boy friends on the bank of the Yamuna where they had been taking their lunch........continues passage from http://www.krsnabook.com/ch13.html or go to http://www.krsnabook.com hare krishna
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