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  1. Gaura lila - Jahnavi mata, Vasudha devi, Nityananada, Gopal Bhatta Gosvami, Gadadhara Pandit's younger sister Father: Maharaja Vrsabhanu; Mother: Kirtida devi; Husband: Durmada; Brother: Sridama; Sister: Srimati Radharani; Age: 13 years Ananga manjari, has a complexion the color of a golden springtime ketaki flower; wears garments the color of a blue lotus. Her Kunja: Is above the center of Radha Kunda and connected to the northern bank by a crystal foot bridge. In the center is a dazzling jewelled temple in the shape of a sixteen petaled lotus. Many flowers, swans and other objects carved from gems. Krsna feels great bliss in the beautiful kunja. Ananga manjari is exquisitely beautiful and therefore it is very appropriate that she is named after Ananga [Cupid]. She is especially dear to Lalita and Visakha.
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