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  1. Radhe-Radhe!! If this is the only fact, than it's a pity why people fight to death against inter-caste marriges... and that's even geography related castes (like Gujrati, Tamil..) But that link does not specify any thing related to whether Hinduism is against inter-caste marriges or not.. & if hinduism is against than there are alot of cases in which inter-caste marriges were supported by renowned Hindu Pandits. and as much as i know these casts are treated as one of the twenty-six Gunas that are matched before marrige. if we could enlighten this than it will make many lives easier including mine. Kindly include your individual views on inter-caste marriges. regards -Paryas.
  2. As much as i know Hindu culture opposes Inter Caste Marriges.. I Suppose it's mentioned in Books that offsprings of intercaste married couple are not allowed to perform Parents related activities like shradhs... Is this true that results of Inter-caste marriges are that much horrible?? Should not one can go for it??? If yes what actually term 'caste' means in hinduism?? is it related to geography like 'Gujrati', 'Tamil' or it is related to Astrology like 'Kshatriya', 'Vaishya'.. what are different castes in hinduism & how we can identify which person belongs to which caste???
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