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  1. Dear ChinnaJeeyar and All, I have small question that why you have been seperating gods? Do you know Advaitha Siddamtham?.For every incarnation of Lords there should be inner meaning(Paramardham). Lord shiva is Bhaktha Sulaba.He was presented surdharshan chakran to MahaVishunu by worshipping him with SAHASRA KAMALAMS. History: It is said during Dev-Asur sangram(war between gods & demons) all devtaas requested Lord Vishnu to save them from Asur. To save Devtaas from Asur Lord Vishnu requirement was Sudarshan Chakra. Thus, Lord Vishnu collected 1000 Lotus flower to offer Lord Shiva while chanting Lord Shiva 1000 name to have Sudarshan Chakra. Lord Shiva to test Lord Vishnu devotion hide one Lotus flower. At the end of 999 offerings Lord Vishnu was short of one flower. He decided to offer his one eye(Lord Vishnu also known as Kamalnetra) to complete 1000 offerings and 1000 chants. At that time Lord Shiva appeared and blessed him with Sudarshan Chakra and was used to kill Asur later. Kamleshwar Mahadev temple is the location where Lord Vishnu worship Lord Shiva and was blessed with Sudarshan Chakra. It is also said during Lord Vishnu prayers a couple was watching the same. When Lord Shiva appeared couple requested Lord Shiva to grant them a child. Goddess Parwati requested Lord Shiva to grant the wish. Till that day Kartika Shukla Paksh Chaturdashi it is said whoever worship Lord Shiva while standing whole night having one diya in hand will be granted child as a wish by Lord Shiva. Find the below link: Being I am Vaidika Bramhan I will give equl importances My Lord shiva and Vishnu. Why All vaishnava people condemns Lord shiva? Ahy All Shaiva people condems Lord Vishnu? If you know Paramardham then only you talk.... Adi shankaracharya was taught Advaitha Siddamtham....He worshipped All the gods with Eual importance(Shita Pragnatwam). Your Ramanujan cant be eual to Adhi Shankaracharya... There is one shlokam in Sandhyavandanam.. Shivaya Vishnurupaya, Shivarupaya Vishnave Shivashya Hrudayam Vishnu, Vishushya Hrudayam Shivaha Yadha shivamayo evam vishnu maya shivaha. Find the below link, Prayers: Shivaya Vishnurupaya Lord Mahavishnu is Shakthi swarupam.shakthi means prakruthi(he is shakthi) Lord shiva is Purusha(Man) The combination of prakruthi and purusha is our universe..... That is we call Ardhanareeswara Thatwam.... Dear ChinnaJeeyar, I saw so many times you are wantedly codemning Lord shiva....Its not right thing... If you don ot know about Hinduism Advaitham do not speak.... Your speech is not good....You are seperating shiva and vishnu...You will be born as Bramha rakshasa(according to Bramhanda puranam) Do not repeat this. Thanks&Regards, Chaitanya Krishna
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