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  1. 1. First of all, there is ONLY one GOD in the whole Universe.......Hindus call Him "Parameswaran/Iswaran/Mahadevan" who is nothing but SHIVA, the "Brahmman(not Brahma)" or "ParaBrahmmam". Others are Manifestations of the GOD only. Vishnu or Brahma are ONLY Lords and NOT God. Vishnu is one of the three LORDs such as "Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra" directed by HIM(SHIVA) to do the following act respectively - Creation, Protection and Destruction. Other Religions named the same GOD (SHIVA) as "ALLAH" in Islam, "Karthar" in Christianity, etc. All these denotes HIM(Shiva) only. (2) Lord Vishnu is the Father of Lord Brahma, but Lord Brahma was very egoistic and tried to take quarrel with his own father Lord Vishnu asking him "I am the Creator; So, I am supreme". Lord Vishnu rightly said to Lord Brahma "Hey, Brahma....there is ONE who is the "ParaBrahmmam" which is SUPREME and advised NOT to have unnecessary ego. Bu, Lord Brahma continued to quarrel. Then, appeared the God Shiva and told Lord Brahma not to blabber any more. But, Brahma did not heed. Then, GOD Shiva suggested to both Lord Vishnu and Brahma to accept a challenge - to find the HEAD of the God Shiva for Brahma and to find the feet of God Shiva for Lord Vishnu. The Lord Vishnu very well knows that he will not be able to find Shiva's feet, but just for competition-purpose, Vishnu accepted. The Lord Brahma readily accepted the challenge since he thought that he is supreme and he would find Vishnu's head so easily. But, alas, he could not. Neither Lord Vishnu. Thereafter, due to this, Lord Brahma got Shiva's curse while Vishnu accepted his inability. If we go the details, it would be a big story. (3) Actually, the term "tat" refers to "the GOD ie. ParaBrahmmam or Brahmman. The Supreme is Shiva and HE was originally existed. Then, out of His own desire, He wanted to create the Universe. So, he created "VIRAT" who is nothing but "MAYA (Illusion)" or "SAKTHI" or "PARASAKTHI" or "FEMALE POWER". So, for all the wordly and materialistic actions, this Maya or Sakthi was responsible and instrumental. HE gave prominent place for this SAKTHI by giving his HALF. That is how, HE (Shiva) is called "Ardhanareeswarar(both male and female)".   (4) One Another important thing which many scholars or Mahans did not tell explicitly to the outside world. What is that? Lord VISHNU is NOTHING but the manifested PURUSHA ROOPAM (Male form) of SAKTHI (who is the best half of MAYA). Anyone can understand that this is true due to the following examples/instances. (a) Lord IYYAPPA (Sabari Malai vasan) was born for the couple of "HE(Shiva)" and "Vishnu(Mohini Avataram)". (b) Wherever you go to any Vishnu temple, the Battacharya gives only KUMKUM(red powder). How the kumkum is given for the Male-lord? Because, Vishnu is the male-manifestation of Female Lord SAKTHI who herself is the better-half of HIM(Shiva). © The Viashnavits ( who worship Vishnu) always bear a religious sign on their head which looks like "three lines(namam). This is nothing but the weapon (three spiked ThriSool) in the hands of HIM and Sakthi. (d) Vishnu is the ruling Lord for "Kanya Rasi(VIRGO)" in astrology. "Kanya Rasi" refers to rasi which denotes "woman". So, this is another proof that Vishnu is basically a female Lord - male-manifestation of female-Lord-Sakthi. (e) I have many more proof but this will take a long list. (5) HE (Shiva) Will not take birth like an ordinary human-being since HE is the GOD and Supreme and Para-Brahmmam. But, he directs Lord Vishnu (who is nothing but HIS second-half ) to take several AVATARs in order to make the things right on all occasions. Only if Vishnu can not perform, HE comes out and set things right but HE will never be born as ordinary human-being (sitting in Mother's womb etc) since he is FATHER and MOTHER of all. (6) On every avatar, Lord Vishnu takes "BLESSINGS" of HIM(Shiva) before he could perform any big act or serve the purpose of Vishnu's avatar. For example, Lord Rama could win against Ravana only after Rama pay tributes to "God Shiva" in Rameswaram (Sri Ramanathan Temple). (7) After Lord Vishnu (Narasimha Avatar in the form of mix of Lion and humanbeing) killed the "Demon Hiranyakasibu", the Vishnu could not calm himself and Vishnu continue to behave like an animal and there was a great imbroglio prevelant everywhere in the universe and every living-being was freightened. Then, the God (HE, the Shiva) needed to arrive in the form of "SARABESWARAR" to console, passify and control "VISHNU(in the form of LION&Human)". The Vishnu could not supersede HIM and to get controlled by HIM. (8) HE(Shiva) was the one who gave the supreme weapon "Sudarsha CHAKRAM (Multi-bladed discus)" to Lord Vishnu. Thus, Lord Vishnu could kill demons to save the universe from hardship many a times. (9) HE(shiva) was the one WHO saved the whole universe from destruction by swallowing the CRUEL-POISON. Vishnu could not save and Vishnu prayed HIM to save, thus saved. (10) Many people mistakenly refer "Rudra" to "Shiva". Actually, it is not so. The "Rudra" is part of HIM(Shiva) and NOT Shiva himself. Shiva is referred to as "PARAMASHIVA" and "PARABRAHMMAM". Rudra is one of three LORDs such as "Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra" directed by HIM to do the following act respectively - Creation, Protection and Destruction. (11) Out of three powerful ASTHRAs (missiles) such as (a) Brahma Asthram, (b) Narayana Asthram and © Pasupatha Asthram - only Pasupatha asthram could not be beaten. Other Two asthrams failed and could not win if we read into the Puranas. (12) In the Vedas, it is clearly brought-out. When, other Lords (not Vishnu or Brahma but Fire, Wind, Water-Rain, etc) was boasting that they are supreme, a light appeared before them. The LIGHT then places a small grass on the floor and asked these boasting Lords to move the grass or destory the grass if anyone of them can. Fire tried to destory the grass, could not do....then Wind tried to kick the grass out of its place but could not even move it little bit.....then other Lords tried their best but could not succeed......then all these Lords asked Lord Vishnu as to WHO is this light? Lord Vishnu said "HE is SUPREME BAHMMAN, Shiva". These lords then bowed before HIM and got HIS blessings. This way, the GOD uprooted their egoistic nature. (13) The SIXTH incarnation/Avatar of Lord Vishnu is "Parasuram". The Lord Parasuram learns all his fighting techniques, knowledge of missiles, etc from the GOD (Shiva). HE was the guru for the Vishnu's incarnation. (14) The form of HIM(Shiva) is "LINGA(m)". The form of LINGA contains Lord Brahma in the base, Lord Vishnu in the middle and the continuous Avudayar (circled like thing) is "SAKTHI(Maya)" and the lingam itself is HIM(Shiva), the GOD and Supreme. (15) HE(SHIVA/Iswaran) never vanishes but Lords Vishnu and Brahma vanishes after some time. Vishnu and Brahma comes and goes. How? One thousand yugas make up one savana and Brahma lives for three thousand savanas. This period is known as a trivrita. During each of Vishnu’s days, one Brahma is born and dies. And during each of Shiva’s days, one Vishnu is born and dies. (16) Does anyone know as to how the name "RAMA" came up? The name "RAMA" refers to "HIM(Shiva)" only. This is unfolded fact. This has been spelt in one of the Upanishads (think it is Mundokopnishad.....). Then, how the name "Rama" is kept for Dasaratha's son? When Dasaratha's eldest son was born, Dasaratha requested his GURU Vashista Rishi to name the baby. Then, Vashistar Rishi by blessing the baby that the baby once grown would be blessed with mighty powers just as what Parameswaran is.....so Rishi named the baby after the name "Rama(parameswaran)". If a son is born to me, I name him as "krishna". Does it mean that my son is "Lord krishna" himself? No. This is the same when Dasaratha's eldest son was named as "Rama". So, whenever anyone chants the name of "RAMA", anyway it ultimately goes and attains HIM(Shiva). (17) Krishna (another incarnation of Lord Vishnu) himself prays and chanted "SHIVA SAHASRANAMAM" which consists of hymns on SHIVA and HIS different thousand names prayed and chanted by Lord Krishna. (18) Many demons could not be killed by Lord Vishnu or his incarnation(avatars). Those cases, Only HE, the God(Vishnu) needed to arrive and killed those demons. For example, The Demon "TARAKASURA" could not be killed by Lord Vishnu but by only by SHIVA's SON KARTHIK (Murugan in South). The Karthik was created by Shiva though his 3rd special eye. Shiva and Karthik are one and the same. (19) HE(Shiva or PARAMESWARAN) resides everywhere and omnipotent. He also resides in every soul of humanbeing in a nutshell in the size of rice grain in the "spiritual Heart(Hirudhayam)". Our physical heart is at left but this spiritual heart is at the right corner. So, "aham Brahmasmi". We ourselves are GODs as the GOD resides in every one of our souls. This is what the GREAT PHILOSOPHER, the Universe ever had, SRI ADI SANKARA who advocated "ADVAITA" which is the ultimate truth/fact. (20) The so-called Vaishnavits would worship none other than "Lord Vishnu". They would never worship other lords. But, non-vaishnavits would worship even Lord Vishnu for the reason that the Lord Vishnu is part and parcel of HIM (Parameswaran/Mahadevan), the only GOD and HE only created Lord Vishnu as the Male-manifestation of HIS best half MAYA. I do not want to make this as a big epic-like write-up, so I stop with this. Hence, there are lots of proof and evidence to show that SHIVA/PARAMESWRAN/ISWARAN is the ONLY GOD and HE is Supreme of all and HE is the "BRAHMMAN" and "PARABRAHMMAM". No questions about it. JAMADAGGNI.
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