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  1. I don't like to call it is unfortunate, but rather i can say i am fortunate to have intra cerebral hemorrhage in right capsular of the brain (7th nerve palsy) resulted in Left Hemiplegia since 12/13th, Aug., 1989 ie., 23 years back. I used the word fortunate, because, to my knowledge, normally any disease will arouse because of sin one committed & to undergo the punishment of that Sin the disease will take place & unless or otherwise the Sin cleared disease will not vanish, where as in my case i am not suffering with my Left Hemiplegia , rather on the other face i am enjoying my this time with every new knowing, all round, viz., Karma Philosophy, Spirtually + New New Healing therapies which i am sharing with needy deserving fellowmen, who when attain results & becoming happy, i am feeling Much Happy as if i got results and like wise how much i am knowing / how much i am feeling happy to detail it becomes a very very lengthy letter. While so, my present limbs (health) status has yet following deficiencies from the date of its failure stage.1)My left hand though moving, the wrist has no movement at all (but not dropped) & hand fingers has absolutely no movement at all, thereby not able to make use of this left hand for any simple purpose even too.2) Left leg is being utilized for walking fully without much pains (unless walked for too long distance) the entire leg moves like a single bone right from hip bone to foot, thereby limbing(uneven walking) while walking & thus the strain. Knee cap of this left leg is going too back than the normal while standing or walking. 3)Urine retention on urge has restored to maximum extent from the total not able to even for a second on urge at the begining initially.4) Speech was little bit defective (as if weeping on emotional talk only or otherwise quite normal with controlled volumes)5) Saliva will be falling out even now without being swallowed automatically(not continuously but at times when on important work or at times while speaking non-stop)These are the defects left over from the initial stage of total left half body lost its total movement in limbs+spinal weakness(not able to turn any side while on bed) +speech lost totally. EXCEPT THIS, IN GENERAL I AM HALE & HEALTHY WITH PROPER DIGESTION, REGULAR MOTION EVERY MORNING & SLEEP WITHOUT ANY DISTURBANCE, NO B.P. OR DIABITIES, VISION of course SHORT SIGHT( with 1.5).SPL. NOTE;-I think this point may also have valid stand in my treatment, i am revealing here that --off late my sperm has became totally watery & very less quantity being generated in my body -- might be too many medicines used all these years + added my body itself is high heat body (fire element my nakchatra is "MOOLA")+ following spirtuality i did fasting for many continuous days during this period are all causes put together. Added my 52 years of age might be another factor too(to a little).The question while enjoying the life with new knowings/learnings, as to why i am making efforts for treatment is, as my age is advancing , to secure my body myself without becoming burden to any second person at my ensuing old age even to my wife, i wanted to ensure my limbs are restored to normal functioning so as to be physically fit myself with ability to serve my fellowmen at least to a little extent. Added it is my responsibility towards my own body to serve it to be seen physically fit without any disability.This is my mind+body+Soul put up before you with a request with holded hands to reply me back as to how can i get restored my limbs to normal functioning BY ANY METHOD OF HEALING positively to my email id
  2. Dear Haritha, At the outset i request you not to mistake with my words, because always i feel to show the NH path containing the truth of our lifes, so that once for all one can realise the truith and start living happily forever. This i am telling since you told you are really frustrated. So keeping asiude your frustration, go through my words and try to go indepth in to its reality, which helps your entire remaining life. Coming to that point, troubles for human are best real friends, as they get some message to realize, (of course to receive the message one should have patience to come to stand still and search for it).Might be to make your will-power strong your job might have gone, instead you became week. So you are doing injustice to Nature what it is trying to taught. OK. I tell you a small tantra to get job for you here too. This you have to do for 11 continuous days(without break). Take a big size yellow Nimbu, go to 4 cross roads, cut it into 4 pieces and through on 4 sides(just drop it on 4 roads) and come back home straight without seeing back. While dropping(or before)make sankalpam for what you are doing so. If you , at any reason discontinued in between , again re-start & do it for 11 continuous days. May Veda Matha Gayathri bless you, in fulfilling your desire with this small tantra. bheeru.durbha
  3. I do not know where from you ? Even in India from which location yo9u were ? Coming to answer to your requirement, it is not just Mantra japa can get rid of your all sins. First of all realization of your mistakes and feeling sorry and asking exquise(either internally or externally)before the God and mainly thereafter not repeating the same is the way to get rid of your sins. Next do TIRIUVALAM , means Pradhikshina of Tiruvanamalai Hill by walk, which is 14 kms . I came to know & I trust too that if one completes Pradhikshina to this Hill will vanish all the past Karmas account will be closed and from that second fresh account of ones karma will be opened. Knowingly or unknowingly we will be committing Sins. So uptill now i did 5 times this Girivalkem from the last year. If you require any more information of this place, viz., how to reach, fecilities available etc., i can put up before you making your journey / stay/ girivalam comfortable, in which case you comeforward from you & your ecoinomic possibilities(or limition of expenditure). May Universal Mother Gayathri Matha bless you with right mind & right direction.
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