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  1. True words of Sai Baba: Sabka Malik ek. God is one, and we address him by different names in different cultures, but that does not essentially destroy his unity. We as humans, with our insecurities haven't been able to get in terms with the differences we see among other cultures. Rudra, Vishnu, Yahweh, Allah, God all are the names of that same essential being whose description fails not only words, but also human imagination. Just knowing a name we signify him, we does make us acquanted to him. Our religious scriptures, like scriptures from other cultures are attempts to explain God. The contradictions arise when the words of the prophets gets misinterpreted because although we follow their words, we are not in unison with their experience. But, I have the faith that we will all have our time, and he reveal his true splendour to all of us whether Vishnu Bhakta, Shiva Bhakta, Advait, Dvait, Achintya Bheda Bhed follower, Christian : Protestant, Catholic, Muslim: Shiah, Sunni, or any other religious denomination or school of thought. What do you all think? Please respond.
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