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  1. Guruji, Is there any mantra besides faith in god. Right now I have no idea what to do. I been married for about 11 years and we have 1 child. Some how this unknown person comes from online and changes my wife's mind completely. She would not even listen to me or her family members. It is like she is been brain washed and re-programmed to just hear his command only. Please help me get my family back together and provide me with a mantra which I can chant when she call back next time. All I have asked one thing and one thing only in my life is My wife and son. They both complete me. My wife is my soul and son is my heart. You can't live with one only. Right now my life is missing soul. My heart is with me. I am begging you please provide me strong chanting mantra which I can use to get her back to us and her family. Thank you, TheAshman21
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