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  1. Dear all, I am new to mantra and I would like your views. In April I spent four days in an Ashram in Kerala. I did not like the Kirtan chanting and it made me feel uncomfortable because the mantra still kept playing silently in my head hours later. I wanted to run away because it was too much for me. However the experience made something in me shift and now I love to hear the mantras and want to listen to them all the time! I love the feeling I have when they are playing and I am singing along. Again I am also hearing them all the time playing in my head. I also have the same experience with the practice if yoga, sometimes it is too much and I feel I can't stand it and then I take a break and I love it so much and go to another level. Is it normal to have a strong negative reaction and then to surrender to another level? Also I am wondering about the mantra playing in my mind, not thinking anything else, what does it mean and does this happen a lot? Is that normal? I feel like the mantra is still kind of vibrating in my whole body hours later. Thank you!
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