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  1. Where are you based? Which country? If in India- then there are literally COUNTLESS good cheap publishers. The Bhagavatam has been published by Jaico Books (one humble paperback) There is also Bhavan's Book University - within which you might find it also done by Bharatya Vidya Bhavan If you are London based, then try areas where there'll be a concentration of Gujerati indians etc - as in Tooting Bec Even Foyles the big book store, used to have a section where one could come across the most obsure of Indian books. Good luck
  2. I would like to enquire about any updated information of the farm in Brihuega.Sadly this seems to be a repeated pattern in a great number of projects into which Krsna devotees go into. A great pity. Perhaps it is because the reality of hunger at the door, as it would be in the poorer regions of India, is not knocking at the door. I think many moor people would have either stayed in Iskcon or even entered, had they seen genuine ability to manage well. But management and a lack of transparency have always been Iskcon's weakness. I was hoping to offer up a pristine complete set of the Srimad B for their "reading room"-assuming they had one. A great pity. Are there any Iskcon groups or nama hata's that could use a complete set in the Andalucia? I am in the north-east Granada region - close to Huescar
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