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  1. It is merely ignorance on part of people to differentiate with siva and vishnu. Vaishnavites or Saivites is just a form of worship we take up. Let me make it straight.People daily chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and though they fail to see the names of Rudra and Sambhu in it. Are not they Shiva s names. And for saivites who KNow aout PASUPATHA yoga a very strict sect in saivites, the names of siva are given as: SHIVA,MAHESWARA,RUDRA,VISHNU,PITAMAHA,SAMSARA VAIDYA,SARVAJNA,PARAMATMA!!!!!!!!!!!11 Is nt this extreme saivism and dont u find the name vishnu for shiva! Both are one but they are different for the running of universe. One god divided himself into two extremities for the upliftment of the universe. People wake up dont create theories see the VEDAS we follow them not our illogical humane thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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