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  1. It's Tibetan. It seems like हूँ (hū)in Devanagari. In Hindi it means "I am". But I guess it is a part of the Tibetan mantra "OM maNi padme hUM."
  2. It depends on which kind of font you use. But most of them don't work in Word of Windows. There is one named Lata which is in Windows XP. But you have to type according Inscript (Indian keyboard) You can use I-trans and copy the written material to a worddocument. Itrans is according Western keyboard. http://www.omkarananda-ashram.org/Sanskrit/Itranslt.html Itrans is only for Devanagari. I-leap is for all Indian scripts (exept Grantha), but you need a special program in which you can write, I-leap is also Insript. http://www.cdac.in/html/gist/products/ileap.asp
  3. Here are the names of your daughters in Devanagari and Kannada script along with Roman transliteration.
  4. Hindu is not a language. Do you want Hindi, Kannada, Tamil or Bengali? How do you pronounce the ei in Keir? I need to know for transliteration.
  5. I wrote Micky and Michele in two different Hindi fonts according French pronounciation.
  6. The font of first set is DV-TTSurekh The second one is DV-TTMayur. The last one is more similar to handwriting. They are from I-leap, a program to write in Indian languages. A light version is free. http://www.cdac.in/html/gist/products/ileap.asp Also the fonts are free, but they cannot be used in a Word document.
  7. Vinayakan


    Sanskrit. Also spoken in daily life. JanmabhaaSha naasti, tathaapi dainandinam jiivanamapi saMskRitamaashRitya yaapayaami. SamskRitam praaNebhyo'pi gariiyasii me. Kannada, Dutch, Hindi, English, Tamil, German some French, Bengali and Polish.
  8. Vinayakan


    I wrote Kim in all the scrpits I know. First line from left to right: Grantha, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil (all Southern scrpits) Second line from left to right: Devanagari Sanskrit, Devanagari Hindi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi (all Nothern scripts)
  9. Bună Ziua Adrian, Ce mai faceţi? I wrote Adrian and Alina in two Hindi fonts along with Roman transliteration. According Roman pronounciation, not English.
  10. Matthew is a common Christian name in India. So easy to write in Hindi as I saw it in Hindi newspapers. I know Urdu which is written in Arabic, but I don't have the fonts. I can write it by hand a scan it. Maybe for later. Here is Matthew in three Hindi fonts.
  11. Karma in Sanskrit: (Devanagari and Kannada)
  12. I wrote Chris in different scripts for Sanskrit. 1.Devanagari, the most common script for Sanskrit. 2.Kannada, 3. Telugu. 4.Malayalam 5. Grantha. 2,3,4,and 5 are Southern scripts. Grantha is an acient script exclusively used for Sanskrit. In this centuary there are very few people who still use it. Malayalam script is close to grantha. 6.Roman tranliteration.
  13. Father and Mother is in Hindi: Maataa aur pitaa. Forever Love: Hamesha ke liye Pyaar. See attacment for Hindi scropt.
  14. What language is Hindu? Do you mean Hindi, or a language spoken by Hindus? What do you mean by Yasmin? The flower Jasmine? Jasmine is in Hindi chameli, in Sanskrit Mallikaa and in Kannada Mallige. I don't know the meaning of Keir.
  15. Angel is not an Hindu concept. In the Christian meaning angel is translated in Hindi: devadut, pronounced as devdoot. Borne to love = pyaar karne ke liye paida hua. For a female it will be: ....paida hui.
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