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  1. Sir, I am new to this web site which I came to know of through my friend, and the first topic of discussion I read here is about this caste system. Though I know not much about the origin and the original purpose of caste system, as far as my knowledge goes caste was formed based on the type of work one person does, and since in those days profession was hereditary one’s son naturally belonged to that caste leading to the present structure or system. Sudras – the producers ( farmers mostly who produced live stocks) Vysyas – traders ( who traded the products produced by sudras) Kshatriyas – warriors or administrators( kings who administrated the kingdom) Brahmanas – preists (who prayed for the well being of others) If we look at profession wise each were interdependent, missing of one would affect other’s. If the profession of sudras are considered lesser let us try to recall what thiruvalluvar has said in thirukural, “Those who live by farming are the one who truly live others live at the mercy of the farmers”. Even otherwise if sudras are lesser I doubt it is because of their quality or character. I doubt ones caste reflects his quality or character. I was surprised to note in the discussion few quote from some book or story stating that sudras possessed lower quality or character, and doubt any book would have told so, if they would have, I am sorry to say this – should we respect those books for tell so.
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