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  1. Hi I hav been following this web page and with some of my knowledge in astrology I am quite glad to see that ur doing a great job! I just need a quick clarification. I am looking for a girl for my brother and the girl's birth chart reads as follows. Ascedent is rishaba(taurus) and moon is placed in it. 7th house has saturn and venus together at scorpio. 11th house has mars and ragu at piceses. 10th house has jupiter and mercury in 9th house. kethu in 5th house and sun in 8th house. Could u please give me a brief description about this birth chart and whether this birth chart is trustworthy and suitable for family life? From my knowledge I see the mars ragu combination in pieces and saturn and venus combination in scorpio is a bit concerning.what do u think? Very much appreciated. Looking forward to ur reply. TC
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