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  1. Dear Prasad, This is truthseeker and I'm from Andhrapradesh. say for the past 5-6 months I've thinking about god and I've so many doubts about world religions and I questioned my mother about this very topic of "Dinosaurs". Well my question was " Ever god or goddess has an animal as their servant so why no body has got dinosaur??? all the animals that we know and we can see. there are so many animals that were existed before us and there is a cycle of transformation of all species through the age. why there isn't any scripture that explained all these things. Just yours and my thoughts are kind of similiar, so I want to ask you/ this forum members that " why for every single pooja or holy ritual or remedial measure has an ending with something that you must donate to brahmins i.e. food,clothes, money and gold etc. ??? I have seen so many brahmins ( of course there were/are good brahmins) who were/are rude to devotees in temples and in social life as well. So sometimes It gives me the impression all these remedial measures were fixed or manipulated by the so called ****??? I certainly don't have to answer me but you can share your thoughts with me. regards, truthseeker
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