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  1. I would bite... Both... And Not Both... The Truth : Brahman as singularity Is the confluence of positive and and negative; but there is no guna of both in it... Now for mortals : An Advaitha Aspirant Travels through Objectivistic Vivekachudamani to become ashamed of his animalistic existence to reach the high roads of neutralism with a strong suicidal tendency and searching of gurus; to reach the wayside Inn called faith and belief... Travels through the subjectivist forest drinking the nectar of Prabodhasudhakara, meeting false gurus who think they are only great and has known everything to be known (which cannot be known by mind - by the way...) and also guys like me who boosts up the ego by posting in these forums... And..... hmmmm.... Cast the cloth of body off to take another chance at it... Advaitha is just the concept of knowing that you are eternal, And there is no mind to think of Objectivist or Subjectivist Concepts... May Be ? Statutory warning : Don't Shoot The Messenger...
  2. I Would Humbly Suggest To Read At Least "Yoga Vasishta" To Get Some Idea About Extent Of Maaya As Duality, And The Uselessness of Named Gods In The Grand Design... For your Question, Literally Translate "Lokas" or Abode May Be As Imaginative Dimensions Where You Are Trained To Strip Off Duality And Finally realize in your Mind To Be Unified With Source At Last; To Understand That You Were There All This Time... And Krishna is a name may be argued to be assigned to an attributabe brahman in a dualistic imaginary representation of unattributable universal consciousness... Represented in the BG To make Third And Lower Fourth Dimensional Minds To Understand At Least The Concept Of Spirituality... For Starters... Every one is not at the same level... Please, we may have to bear in mind that after Indian and sumerian civilizations started with forced worship of gods and goddesses, may be around 4000-3500 BC; there have been secular idea injections in all these written scriptures - originally an oral tradition; so may be it would be wise for an aspirant to take literal translations with a little bit of salt... I may say... This is applicable for Indian ones and also Apocrypha, Old Testament, Pistis Sophia, Hypocrypha of the Archons, Nag Hammadi, Book of Enoch, And Even Qabbala To some extent... You May Have To Pick Your Own Poison; I Think...
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