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  1. That was kinda funny because it says you replied in June, but I just got a notification today! In any case, yes it may be that Shankaracharya refuted the Buddha's teaching, but I am not sure that there is valid evidence that he was the one that caused the decline of Buddhism in India. As far as any text refuting Shankaracharya's views, Nagarujuna had already done so about 600 years prior by correctly understanding the view of the Upanisadas regarding an existant self. Many of the schools of Vedanta were flourishing at that time. Perhaps Shankaracharya repackaged things a bit. It is also my understanding that Gaudapada himself altered the view of Advaita by mixing it with some views of Nagarjuna. This is what many scholars point to. But don't ask me to explain the differences because my understanding is a bit rough. You can google it I am sure.
  2. It is propagated in Iskcon teachings that Shankaracharya brought people away from Buddhism and back into the Vedic fold. Is this true? Is there any evidence of this that is more than a claim? Some people actually say that Shankaracharya's monistic views were not even so popular in India at all at the time and that his teachings are more popular only in the last 100 years.
  3. I have often heard it said especially within the Gaudiya tradition, that Shankaracharya is accredited to bringing back a vast number of indians back to the fold of Hinduism from the deathly sunyavad clutches of Buddhism, which had taken a stronghold in India in order to stop wanton animal sacrifices which Hindus had been performing carelessly due to their misunderstanding of Veda. So is this actually true or is it a type of propaganda for some specific purpose. I have heard that actually the advaita school of thought propogated by Shankaracharya and his guru and param guru was not all that popular in India at the time, but actually more popular in the last one hundred years comparatively. Can anyone fill me in or verify the reality?
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