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  1. Im marrid for the past 7 yrs.It was a love marriage.After trying hard to save my marriage,its difficult to get on with it.I want divorce and i had applied for it.Though my husband doesnt like me,but in order to trouble me ,he is not willing to do so.Kindly help mw with some mantra to chant, so that my obstacles will clear out and he will give me divorce. Please help me out.
  2. Hi Im married for the past 7 yrs and within this i tried a lot to save my family but couldnt suceed.Now everythng has crossed limits and i want to have divorce.I dont want to hurt everyone going into legal battle,so i want a divorce mutually.My husband is not willing to do so,and he is spreading wrong rumours about me and he wants to torture me with this,so that case will linger and if it goes for long i will come back. Kindly help me with some mantra so that he will agree to do it mutually. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
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