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  1. Hello Mr. Iam THat, I strongly contradict your statements.. I am not a brahmin yet my caste falls under Brahmin Varna and not among Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or sudras. Yet I hate Brahmins to the core. I have been humiliated by Brahmins right from my childhood. If you say that there is nothing wromg in a Brahmin helping a brahmin, thats fine. But why does a brahmin restrict himself helping a brahmin alone. But other ppl ( the above said Varnas) dont see if he is a vaisya, kshatriya or shudra,.. THere are only two categories - Brahmin and Non brahmins.. thats it. wherea brahmin is concerned about only a brahmin ans illtreats all otehr ppl. All brahmins think that they are born from sky directly.. But they fail to understand all are human in the eyes of god. According to me all brahmins are self centered creatures on world who suck other's blood and hurt other's feelings by treating them poorly. THey say they dont eat food outside, or preared by a non brahmin. But how many of them really know that the dress they wear or other food packed food items are prepared by a non- brahmin. I suggest you all people to open your eyes. THey dont even know exactly what their gotra and sutra is or any related details about their caste. SImply they wander with a crown that they are brahmins. Many peole eat meat, drink at homes but behave good outside. they dont even pray daily or know any basic mantra/slogams, yet they spend most of their time in humiliating other caste people. Importantly, because they are fair, they treat very badly people who have a darker skintone. Stil, if i give m personal experiences you ppl cant show your face. I lost my life only because of a brahmin family.
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