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  1. hi ashish, my query is about my marriage life. 1)when i got married. 2) it's love marriage or arrange. 3) it's happy married life or not. 4) my husband love me or not. my date of birth is: 27 jun 1982, sunday place of birth: Bilaspur C.G., near Raipur time of birth: 03:00 AM longitude: 082.08 East latitude: 22.05 north Navamsa chart description: 1'st house: ven lag 2'nd house rah 4'th house: mar 5th house: mer 6'th house: sat 7th house: Maa(maandi) 8yh house ket 9th house: moo 10 house: jup 11 house: sun 3rd and 12th are blank
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