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  1. u guys make a big mess out of a little grain of salt, just like ma old lady. am out. if ur allenda was go make me not follow ur overwhelming religion u succeeded. am out. humana humana whatever. bye
  2. i am in the middle of work and wish i could reply but cant right at this moment...do you work?
  3. see what i mean. nobody has a clue. also is not about whether am cristian or not. is about being human, having love and care for others, which is what God would have wanted.
  4. I agree, but whether his name is krishna, pablo or tito, we'll never know, we are not supposed to know everything u know....as far as self realzation that is something that is never fully realized but a constant learning process.
  5. I believe that just as you can find God within you, you can find what foods work for you best. For what I learned on my own experience, no law applies the same to me than it will apply to another human. The world is lost on following eachother on different paths...why we follow this or other religion? the truth is nobody has a clue about anything, and answers can only be found within you. I can rack up with the perfect spiritual food that a book might tell me and this be just a perfect ultimate diahrrea formula and kill me. Is our responsibility to learn our own body and monitor what works best.
  6. The almighty can be found within you. This I happen to have found out on my own. Yes, I have been seeking the lord by the world means but to no avail. It was not until I almost had a mental breakdown due to my subconcious telling me negative things including that God had abandoned me. I even thought of the Devil as being a powerful being with a more busy presence. I felt completely lost, until I realized where the lord was located. God lives within us and only we ourselves can find him. The same with Satan, if we give our subconcious the allowance to believe and submerge into negative thoughts, we give satan the power to enter us. I kinda always knew that, but I didnt understand it fully until I used my own mind to analize it. This then gave me the power to control everything. Once I knew this, it was like satan also knew I had found out...and he rarely comes around to try again. At this point in life it has probably cost me life years by suffering, but at least I did not die yet and was able to find out. Also the subconcious seem to be a major tool to enlightened oneself, since it controls everything in your body, blood flow, nervous system, etc...for what I have learned if your mind, subconcious, etc..is not in tune, there is no God. Our God is one thing. But if I never existed "my God" would have never be.
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