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  1. Ok , I finally found the full and correct lyrics ( with portuguese translation ) : Hari Bolibo Ar Madan-Mohan Srila Narottama Das Thakura hari bolibo ar madan-mohan heribol go ei rupe vrajer pathe calibo go(1) Quando cantarei os nomes de Hari e verei o Senhor Madana Mohana? Deste modo, quero viajar no caminho de Vraja. jaba go vrajendra-pur, ha’ba gopikar nupur tadera carane madhur-madhur bajibo go vipine vinoda khela, sangete rakhaler mela tadera caraner dhula makhibo go (2) Ao entrar em Vraja, me tornarei um sino de tornozelo nos pés das gopis e farei um doce som tilintante. Observarei os passatempos brincalhões dos vaqueirinhos na floresta de Vrndavana e espalharei a poeira de seus pés pelo meu corpo. radha-krsner rupa madhuri, heribo du nayana bhori nikunjera dwari dwari rohibo go tomara saba vrajavasi, purao manera abhilasi, kabe sri-krsnera vamsi sunibo go (3) Verei a doce beleza de Radha e Krsna para a satisfação dos meus olhos e permanecerei como um guarda no portão dos bosques de Vraja. Ó residentes de Vraja! Por favor, satisfaçam meus desejos e permitam que eu ouça o doce som da flauta de Krsna. ei dhena antima kale, rakhibo sri-yamunara jale jaya radha govinda bole bhasibo go kohe narottama das, na purila abhilas kabe hama vraja-vasa koribo go (4) No momento em que abandonar meu corpo, irei simplesmente colocá-lo nas águas do Yamuna e flutuarei cantando “Jaya Radha-Govinda”. Narottama das lamenta assim: “Quando residirei em Vraja?”. In fact , I had a tape where this song was included , but unfortunately it deteriorated ( It´s name was something like " Mayapur Kirtan " from a company called " Gaura Vani " , I bought it in the mid 90´s) . So if anyone knows where I can buy this tune online or download it , I would be thankful .
  2. I will copy and paste the full text ( with mistakes ) from somemone who had the same question some years ago in another forum : " Advitiya - Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:23:49 +0530 I like to share this kirtan for this very special occassion of Rasaraj. Last night I just heard someone singing this dainya-bodhika kIrtan of Narottam Das Thakur in a house program. The tune was beautiful and as we were singing we all felt like as if we were all in Vrindavan. I will also hold on to this utmost desire (Arti) in my heart, so that, one day I can also touch the holy dust of Vraja-bhUmi. Here is the song for my Vraja-vasi freinds. Let Baba sing this song for you. hari bolbo Ar madan-mohan herbo go | ei rUpete brajer pathe colibo go || jabo go brajendra-pur, habo gopIr payer nUpur, nUpur hoye runu-jhunu bajibo go || rAdhA-kRSNer rUp-mAdhurI, dekhibo du’nayan bhori, nikunjer dvArer dvArI rohibo go || bipine binoda khelA, sangete rAkhAler melA, tader caraNer dhUlA mAkhibo go || braja-basI tomrA sabe, ei abhilAS pUrAo ebe, Ar kabe kRSNer bAnzi shunibo go || e deha antima-kAle, rAkhbo zrI-jamunAr jale, jay rAdhe govinda bole bhAsibo go || kahe narottama dAs, nA pUrilo abhilAS Ar kabe braje bAs koribo go || Please feel free to correct if there are any mistakes. Because I wrote it down just by hearing. I didn't find it in any Vaishnava song book yet. "
  3. If the members of the moderating staff feel that this topic will get more response at " Hare Krishna Discussions " , they should free to move it there . Thanks .
  4. I am looking for the title and the full lyrics of a song , whose first line goes something like : " Haribol bo ar Madana-Mohan heribo go Ei rupete Brajerpate cholibo go . " ( Not sure about the words ) It is in Dadra Taal ( 6/8 Time ) . Since the last line says " Kahe Narottama Das " , I assume it is from him . In fact I have looked for this song in this link( http://kksongs.org/authors/list/narottama.html ) , but I could not find it there . It would also be appreciated if someone has a full audio of it . Thanks in advance .
  5. Then , I invite the interested among you , to read how some very well-read gaudiya vaishnavas view some of the scriptural references that are often used to back up Chaitanya´s divinity . I think it lies in the interest of all the gaudiya vaishnavas to know how authoritative their scriptures are . Also how much they are accepted outside of their community . As far as I know , there are a lot of persons from other hindu denominations coming to this forum (and other faiths ) . If they are presented with a list of predictions that isn´t accurate , how will they view the gaudiyas ? So , why not take advantage of the research another Gaudiya vaishnava has made (to find in the link above ), and try to improve on that .... If it already has been proven by extensive research that a lot of quotes aren´t accurate , then why not research further to find better quotes , and shastras that are accepted by all kind of schools ?... Churn out the truth , so to say ... Besides , even if I have lost my faith in vaishnavism and the shastras , still I want to know what is bona-fide about it , how much accuracy lies in it and so on ... It is my right , because I have believed in it for a major part of my life , and have invested a lot of time for sadhana and shastrical study , that I could have used otherwise ... Now , it is the time for me to reflect , and examine the whole thing from another angle ...( Still , I like shastras and the whole concept of "authorized " , bona-fide" . So why not apply these parameters to all these quotations and see how far it stands the test ... )
  6. This was me , forgot to log in ... On another note , to give a complete picture , it is important to point out that the history of indology is full with dirt : In the 19th century , there have been envious and racist english and german indologists , that have been paid for making false translations and for adding concocted passages . They have been hired by the govenments ( Monarchy , republic ...) , with the purpose of making look the indian heritage and civlization as barbaric . So , if the general populace would be fed with the gruesome tales of a barbaric indian civilization , the idea of colonization and christianization of India would be more accepted ... So , naturally , the indologists of today are carrying this weight on their shoulders , knowingly or unknowingly ... They are still using the old texts of the racist and eurocentric indologists of days gone , and are naturally absorbing their ideas ... On the whole , I´m interested to look behind the curtains : Yes , I know that a lot of the theories of the indologists can not be trusted , and that´s why I take it with a grain of salt . But on the other hand , I want to do the same with the gaudiya teachers : Differenciate between what is historical truth and what has been added as a kind of poetic freedom ...
  7. Jagat has participated in the thread mentioned above , but he wasn´t the principal one making all the research and trying to look for the sources and looking if the relevant passages are included in the authoritative editions . ( so I wasn´t pointing to him ) Concerning this present thread , I am not interested in categorizing the character of persons neither from the past , nor from the present . What is relevant for me , is if all these scriptural references pointing to the divinity of Chaitanya are accepted by scholars and researchers outside of Gaudiya vaishnavism . ( ~~~ and for followers of Vishnuswami , Nimbarkacharya , Shankara , Madhava ... )
  8. Ok , it is very nice to quote scriptures , more so when they are accepted by other followers of the vedas than gaudiyas . ( Ramanujaists , Madhavaites... ) . But it is important to point out that some scriptures or verses have been invented by gaudiya teachers to defend the divinity of Chaitanya . In fact , in the "deceased" Gaudiya-discussions forum ( what a pity , sigh ... ) there was an interesting thread exactly discussing this point . And one of the members got into detail , and examined a lot of the verses and scriptures , for pointing out what was accurate and what wasn´t . ( one of these lists has been quoted above ) He explained what could have been some poetic freedom , or even overzeal in an attempt to back up the avatar-identity of Chaitanya . One thing I remember is the " Caitanya Upanishad " , "discovered" by Bhaktivinode Thakur , who claimed that it had existed since vedic times ... Upon rigourous scrutiny it was then pointed out that this scripture was either written by Bhaktivinoda himself or by his followers . So , if Chaitanya is really the divine avatar , why manufacture scriptures to back up this thesis ? ( PS : The member of that forum was a fixed-up gaudiya vaishnava , a very well-read one , with a lot of shastric knowledge . A true believer so to say ... )
  9. Some say that the subliminal message "Paul is dead" was used as a tool to create more interest , more mystery surrounding the Beatles . It might also explain the hysteria and craze of the young girls screaming for them ... Interesting also : Aleister Crowley is depicted on the cover of the Seargent Pepper-cover , and it seems that one or more songs are connected with him ( ~~the album was released on his birthday ~~something like that ~~don´t remember exactly ... ) . [Note that Crowley has advocated horrible sacrifices throughout his writings and was looked for by the police and brought to court because of his shocking activities ...] By the way : I am not a devotee . Nitaichandra is not my real name . I used to believe in Gaudiya vaishnavism , but I have lost my faith in it .
  10. Does anyone here know or remember the pastime involving Shambuka ? If yes, what are your opinions on that ?
  11. There are cultures where possessions are actively sought for ...They have their special techniques . And not every culture seems to view it as a bad thing ...
  12. This statement has some popularity among followers of Bhaktivedanta Swami and Iskcon . Maybe it can be found in the archives of some vaishnava-newsletters and forums . But on the other hand I have noticed that no devotee ever mentions that ( like a lot of other artists ) they were involved ( or used , manipulated ) in mind-control issues . It is said that they were trained by the Tavistock institute ( run by the illuminati ) , and were used as a tool for influencing the youth of these days , to the liking of the manipuators behind them . Examples : .Subliminal messages like "Paul is dead " ( paraphrasing ... ) .Hidden meanings in the tune-titles : Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ~~LSD .Some people say that John wanted to come clear with this problematic past and wanted to expose the whole dirt behind the creation of the whole craze that surrounded them . That was when the men in the dark decided to eliminate him ...
  13. For checking information on these kind of matters , I like the websites of Stewart Swerdlow and David Icke .
  14. Hi , Ajaguna . May I ask if your name is the camino ( avatar ) of Obatalá ? So that would make you a follower of Santeria/Lucumi/Yoruba-belief system ?
  15. I have been told that when devotees are not awake during this seemingly auspicious time-span , they will be punished by Shiva and his followers ( bhutas , pretas and pishachas ) . Just at this time , they are wandering around and are watching for the devotees , if they are attentively attending all the necessary limbs of their prescribed sadhana . If they find them to be sleeping ( that means in deepest tamo-guna ...) , they will be punished in forms of horrible nightmares ...
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