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  1. It is a sign of auspiciousness (spiritually), that is something that natzis turned the sign 180 degrees. One again it is actually upside philosoph (murder of million people just because they wanted to robb them).
  2. And I say: those of you who think that by distroying of the bodies you could actually win - you could only lose. Because if you really want to fight, then fight their minds and harts and not the bodies that are already dead. We are all aready dead bodies - it is a matter of time. But to teach, to fight their backward understanding? To kill that misunderstanding? To hang that hole in their educations system? To cut their ignorance? How do you do that? By the sword of knowledge: that is Krishna consciousness all about, folks. Otherwise, the ghosts of killed could come and hunt you down and twist your brains and inplant more and more hate in you, instead of a wonderful lata bhij. Srila Prabhupada made devotees out of outcastes, mleccas, muslims and He still does. Now, that is a challenge. Try that.
  3. My question is: so you think a Hindu must kill Muslim because they are opposite to Hindu religion. So what are you going to to with those "Hindus" who make abortions to girl-fetus, to those "Hindus" who eat all kinds of meat, take drugs, divorce, kill young women so they bring new "wife" with her fortune to the house? What are you going to do with the "Hindus" who do not believe Lord Krishna is actually a Supreme Personality of Godhead, but instead they believe USA is a dream-land???
  4. Look dear guys, I live in Croatia. I used to live in Sweden and then I used to live in India, so I can see differences from first hand. Just yesterday, Croatia had anniversary of falling down the city of Vukovar: Serbs killed thousands of people, woman, infants and elderlies. So Croats fought back, what else? They had to defend their own houses. But should I shoot a first Serb I see on the street? Come on! I should forget mentioning this: Serbs were fighting for "Great Serbia" with their religion, against Roman Catolics. Their main targets were churches and deities. Violance brings violance. It is not the main solution, just a quick not to those of you who are sharpening your knives.
  5. Lord Caitanya and Nityananda Prabhu were in a position where they had problems with muslims. I do not think they killed anyone. What they did was: preach. Educate. Share love. The group of Muslims you are referring to, are illiterate and emotionally abused invidiuals controlled by a few very clever politicians. Violance does not help. Be a brahmana, not a mlecca. If youu open there eyes, who knows what may happen.
  6. "[O Allah], I ask you of you by every name that You have named yourself or that You have revealed in Your book or that You have taught any of Your creation or that You have kept hidden, in the unseen knowledge, with Yourself." (Recorded by Ahmad, According to al-Albani, it is sahih.) You can chant Lord's name for millions and millions of years, but to take the dust of a pure devotee and follow? Now that is needed. Islam countries are not the problem for society. What IS the problem are country so-called "christian" countries where capitalism is making people demoniac: all four pilliars are crushed. The only problem are fundamentalists who, just like Greenpeace, think that by violance, they could stop it.
  7. You have been a little bit naive, prabhu. Translation : "In every town and village on this earth the glories of My name will be chanted." Allah is also a name of God. Ys, Ydd
  8. Yes, 1st class is 1st class, for sure. But I always travel 2nd class because I have a chance to meet interesting people, distribute books, preach and learn more about the country and it's life. Of course, it takes also alot of body discomfort but at the end of the day - how can I preach to local people if I am stuch in 2x2 "prison" for so many hours???
  9. I believe all bonafide spiritual path can be used to bless one's life. I repeat: BONAFIDE spiritual path. We should not be fanatics and believe that only the path that works with ourselves is bonafide. It depands on karma of a devotee, it depands on previous spiritual realizations and it depands on desire of one's heart. If one spiritual organization becomes corrupted and contaminated, we should not jump with our conclusions and say that the path does not work. THE ONLY PATH IS TO MEET A TRUE SAINT, DEVOTEE OF THE LORD AND INQUIRE WITH SUBMISSION.
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