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  1. How should you pray? --all saints and sages say that in this age there's no other method o liberation than chanting the holy name of the lord in any true spiritual tradition Who should you pray to? --the supreme lord Which is the correct prayer? ---a correct prayer is the maha-mantra "hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare.. hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare" it means "o loving energy of the lord please give me the love for the all attractive lord who is the source of all biss" Why should you pray? ---because we are inpotent and god is omnipotent.. he can fulfill all our desires Where should you pray? --every where .. god is everywhere, eternally ready to listen and to reciprocate our love When should you pray? ---everytime... forever.. god is eternally ready to see us coming back to relationate with him in love, eternity, bliss and consciousness What should you pray for? ---the highest purpose is to pray God to achieve the love for God. But there's nothing entirely bad if someone prays for lower reasons, at least he recognizes the supremacy of the lord, that Lord is the source of everything
  2. "If the philosophy of Karmayoga, as propagated in Gita is to be believed, then Sanyasis do not have any right to preach Gita, because they have renounced the regular karma of a household. " gita wants that we act (=karma) exclusively for krsna.. and a true sannyasi is 24/24 engaged in preaching krsna's message that's karma yoga..= "action in union with the absolute"
  3. "Is it not possible to follow Krishna in a household?" of course it is possible
  4. it is not a new thing.. almost all gurus in our gaudya sampradaya are from the renounced order generally a sannyasi, having nothing to do for his personal or familiar care, has the possibility to devolve more effort to the preaching than a grihasta can do..
  5. my most mercyful guru maharaja is Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja.... it is well known by all devotees, godbrother and companion of Srila Prabhupada..... in kartika month he's in vrindavan, in chaitanya mission near seva kunja i appreciate very much especially also Srila Tirtha Vallabha Goswami, Srila Paramadvaiti Goswami, Srila Sadhu Goswami then Srila Svarupa Damodara Goswami, Srila Indradyumna Maharaja and Srila Radhanath Swami of Iskcon i bow at the lotus feet of such exalted vaishnavas the gurus i have said are all sannyasis, so they do not live in a private house but in temples travelling all time if they are not too old in the body to do it -- all these vaishnavas, fortunately for me, you and everyone, are alive... very much alive!!! hare krsna, go and meet them...
  6. it is the spiritual master who orders to chant a minimum number of rounds, the order of guru is our life and soul very often the guru asks 16 rounds you can have benefit even if you say "krsna" once in your life
  7. prabhupada visited jagannath puri there's something in Hari Sauri Prabhu's PRABHUPADA's DIARY
  8. "so why are you suggesting that chanting is not important? Krsna is His Holy Name... no difference, no discrimination " "you destroyed all your arguments in the last statment " nothing is destroyed, your problem is that you separate krsna from his holy name thinking that he can be reached neglecting it another problem is that bhagavad gita says that you can reach krsna only if you surrender to a pure spiritual master and if you approach a spiritual master he will ask to you to chant the holy name so remembering krsna, living for krsna and simultaneoulsy thinking that his holy name is marginal is absolutely impossible . . .. the gita says chanting is not totally nessary --gita says that we have to keep krsna in mind (man mana....etc), but we cannotrelayy see krsna in our mind beause we do not have any transcendental vision, we are blinded by maya. The only think we can do, to ask krsna to come in our mind is to chant his name. If we start fantasizing about krsna we will not reach anything, because we cannot capture him with our mind.. but if we chant hare krsna it is an effective spiritual experience, because the nama is krsna .....even if we do not realize it infact most can not do it offenclessly --being us in maya it is inpossible to start any devotional practice without making a certain amount of offences. Wich service you know that a neophite can do in a completely pure way? So being us offensive while chanting, the only medicine is to chant more and more. In this way we'll purify us and we'l purify our chant. Chanting is especially meant for sinners, if we cannot chant when we are not yet realized, how we can get realization? most gurus are not even true devotees to begine with most are rascals. --a guru cannot be a rascal... if you see a rascal he's not a guru serve the devotees --the service that devotees want is to chant hare krsna... they're detached, they do not want any service for themselves sacrafice all your actions to krishna. --to talk is an action.. so we have to sacrifice this action of talking to krsna chanting his name
  9. if you can not chant make sure all actions are for krishna not for your self. •how you can have such devotion and simultaneously not the energy of chanting? If you love Krsna in such way to devoid all action to Him you will chant his name 24/24 chanting is not the only way right now, we have many many lifetimes to work ••no brother... we have to chant to quit this material world immediately. Krsna is the proprietor of karma, if we call Him at our rescue through his holy name (non different by Him) we'll easily be saved desire for krishnaloka is selfish but it is human. ••no.. if we have strong desire to associate with krsna and the devotees in the spiritual world there's anything selfish. No selfish man can really desire to go in goloka where everything is service to sri krsna a day with out krishna is death ••so why are you suggesting that chanting is not important? Krsna is His Holy Name... no difference, no discrimination
  10. sacred names are transcendental, the deity with that name is fully manifested in the mantra in any way is chanted all distinction are only technical... in spirituality there's no partial and full.. everything is full -- the danger in saying HariNama is that our attraction for the material world can end very soon
  11. I am very confused as magala aarti is guruasthakam. if it is 8 verses in praise of guru shouldnt it be offered to srila prabhupada murti instead of all other deities in the temple? ••the temple etiquette states that the protagonist of the scene is, in every situation, the deity who entitles the temple. Another answer is that there's no envy between Krsna and Prabhupada, so the deity is very happy if you praise His Divine Grace. Another answer is that in the main altar you have also parampara', Srila Prabhupada included. Another answer is that Prabhupada has come to teach us to love Krsna.. so he's happy if we see the murti. I know that from mayapur.info mangala aarti is performed to all deities. Also isnt Gaura aarti for Gaurahari, not the other deities? ••Gaurahari is Krsna and Radharani, and Krsna and Radharani are Gurahari. it is not possible to think at them as separate. So there's no problem if one sings "Jaya Gaurachandra" before Sri Sri RadhaMadhava... But if you feel more happiness chanting before Gaura Nitai, you can go.. no problem Why is this, the aarti performed to the other deities instead of the one who the aarti is sung for. ••who is the original guru if not krsna? hareKRISHNA!!!!!
  12. wich questions aren't answered? (hareKRISHNA)
  13. (worse is to dress as a devotee and eat it!) ... do not be excessive, one can surely dress as a devote and eat chocolate... it is not a big sin
  14. the eventuality of lack of sincerity in the spiritual research was brought by yourself.. you made the description of insincerity in dvaitist approach, i made it in an advaitist type of research. So this question is in my opinion closed. love between "him and everything" is nice, and it is exactly like to say "him and us".. and you are correct, because both statements are not advaitic love needs plurality of subjects
  15. The need to identify with the individual self to demonstrate love or whatever, is always a lesser surrender ••everything can be a sign of lack of surrendering, i also can say that wanting to believe in advaita means that we do not want separation with god because we actually do not want to surrender (as bhagavad gita advices "Sarva dharma.. leave all dharmas and surrender tome"..) but we want to be god. So, being obvious that in a conditionated state one can speak with many not so pure purposes, it is better to put attention on philosophy and logic.. So there's no reason for believing that god missess something, He's omnipervasive.. He's also personal... He's everything and simultaneously different by everything.. He's ONE and simultaneously VARIOUS. We are one and different with Him. this difference makes necessary for us to surrender to Him and this difference creates the bliss of the transcendental relationships between Him and us (love even in human terms is union and difference combined together) that's Bhagavad Gita...
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