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  1. Hi all, I have joined today though have been reading your forums for past month. I have been reading up a bit on vedik astrology off late & realise that most astrologers i have referred to are not very learned, nobody has ever been able to predict anything accurately for me. I have a personal query, was wondering if someone on the forum is willing to help. I am looking for a job change, been in the same job for 9 yrs now but nothing seems to be happening. My details are below: Name: Preeti Kumar DOB - 20th April 1976 TOB - 16:00 hrs POB - Delhi I am running rahu mahadasha since 1999, cant say its been bad. Got married, started working, had 2 kids, bought my own house. All during this period, but my big break is still eluding me.... Pls help
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