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  1. I suggest pre-portioning out your nuts. You can make a mixed nut trail mix with raisins etc. and then measure out a quarter cup serving size, and place them in individual snack-size baggies.
  2. Yes. Some communities (ie. Sindhi) even go as far as changing the woman's entire name. A new first name is chosen by the groom's family based on the the "akshar" or first letter that matches with the husband's jyotish. The middle name changes from the father's first name to the husband's first name, and the husband's surname is then adopted.
  3. I would take the time to learn the Sanskrit version. You can listen to the way it sounds on Youtube and practice your recitation. There are also many prayer books and online sources where the whole Hanuman Chalisa is written phonetically in English so you can pronounce everything correctly.
  4. If you want to chant a Krishna mantra, why not "Hare Krishna" or "Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudeva"
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