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  1. In sep 2004 addition of Mantra-tantra-yantra-vigyaan you can find the whole procedure.. check it out..
  2. @Rachna You are a big liar... sorry to say... and more than just an advanture loving creature..without knowing the seriousness of problems..you are making idiotic pranks here... Bhoot and pisaach are just called "Iter-yonis" ...Any powerfull sadhna can do very well for any 1 suffering by such things. @vjamazing What you have posted is "Mahamrityunjaya mantra" ... not bhairav mantra alathough you were right.. Bhairav sadhna can get you rid of all ghosts in a single moment. @ all In Mantra-tantra-yantra-vigyaan Nov 2005 addition you can find 3 bharav sadhnas.. Do any one of them with good faith.. You will be alright You may contact head office of magazine.. name is changed now and its "Narayan-mantra-sadhna-vigyaan"..
  3. It could be either "Uchaatan" on her OR "Vidweshan" on her for you... In any condition this can be cured by 2 major actions.. "Sammohan" to cure Vidweshan b/w you 2 and "Tantra-dosh-nivaran" to cure Uchhatan. Contact to head office of "MTYV" ... "Mantra tantra yantra vigyaan" ... or attend any camp and meet Guruji with her photographs.. You may find contact numbers in magazines of every month.. Don't loose your hope.. Everything will be alright.. Mantra-tantra-yantra-vigyaan is now "Narayana-mantra-sadhna-vigyaan"
  4. Jai Gurudev First of all... Its totally nonsense that any person who have bhoot siddhi, does not get mukti after his death and he will have to go with that particular bhoot in that yoni and serve it... What if we have more that 1 ghosts as our servent?? or one bhoot and one pishaach?? Both of them will take a house on rent and i will be their servent after my death?... just think before jumping on any conclusion.. totally nonsense.. Any person interested in Bhoot sadhna can have all procedure by Nov-2005 addition of MTYV (Mantra-Tantra-Yantra-Vigyaan).. A very nice sadhna was published on that addition. @Puneet .. Gurudev called upon all shishyas to grow up and stop behaving like children.. Its simply means to behave like a sadhak...Not like a bhakt, pujaari or sometimes mad person. I have experienced many sadhna camps and along with great knowledge, i found a lot of disappoints there also. I found most of peoples interested in only singing, dancing, cheering. They don't have to do anything with what guruji says on camps. They always use to shouting "Jai-gurudev, Jai-gurudev" with their blank minds. These all is childish. Magazine has a name.."Mantra-Tantra-Yantra-Vigyaan" ... not "Bhajan-pujan-thumka-Vigyaan" So that is what gurudev called upon us. Grow up..Be a Sadhak. For any quarry about any kind of Sadhna, any one can call me.. any time.. Regards, Rahul Shrivastav
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