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  1. Hare Krishna I've tried to post the link but i haven't been able. Each time i edit it i can preview it but when i save the message the link doesn't work. It seems is something related to the domain, when i save the message the domain disappears! (i've used the 'url' tags that appear in the edit page). Anyway it is a page from Iskcon Mexico, the name of the domain is . (don't use the hyphens, i had to put them because if not the name disappear). May be you can search there for the information. Haribol P.S. Sorry it happened again, i can't even write the name of the domain. I'm starting to think it is being blocked.
  2. Hare Krishna I've read that hard cheeses, like parmesan cheese, generally contain animal rennet (it is necessary to use animal rennet to make this kind of cheeses). Soft and semi-soft cheeses, like Gouda cheese, can be made with microbial rennet. Microbial rennet is cheaper than animal rennet, so it is very likely that most of soft and semi-soft cheeses are made with microbial rennet. Here is a link to an article about this, but it is in spanish: Alimentos Contaminados Haribol PS Sorry i don't find a way to put the link, it always appear wrong when i save the message.
  3. Hare Krishna Is it right to use milk from goats? I ask because i've heard that drinking milk from cows is a natural thing, due to cows have an excess of milk and is good for them to be milked, but i'm not sure about milking other animals. May be is an undue exploitation. In my country is quite common to drink milk from goats. Haribol
  4. Hare Krishna Thanks to both of you for your answers and your stimulating words. I will try to keep chanting. You are right. Haribol
  5. Hare Krishna I have come to the conclusion that sometimes the karma of a person is so bad that it even prevents the person to chant the maha-mantra or to advance spiritually. That is my personal case. Although i want to chant the maha-mantra and sometimes i can do it, most of the time i just dont't have enough mental peace to chant it, because of my personal (familiar) situation. I've had a very bad relationship with my parents my whole life, specially with my father. And now i'm forced to live with them due to economic reasons. But in this situation i can't avoid to feel a very deep anger at every moment. Although i want to advance spiritually and want to chant the maha-mantra i just can't most of the time. I feel that if i chant being angry the chant isn't effective, in fact i feel that is offensive in some way to chant in that state of mind, i feel that i must not chant in that situation. I suppose in cases like mine one just have to suffer until the bad reactions of previous lifes are consumed, and the spiritual development is in some way checked because one really have to suffer the reactions. To be more graphic, people who are in hell can't chant the maha-mantra or perform devotional service, because the reactions are so strong, so terrible that they don't have a minimum of mental peace required. Very often i feel like if i were in hell in this aspect. I haven't been a bad person in this life, but i only can explain my personal situation recognizing that i must have done very bad things in previous lifes. I suppose my only option is to chant when i can and try to survive, because i have to suffer. I hope the reactions ends some day, in some life. What can you tell me?
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