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  1. Its is a opportunity to actually witness the devotions of the Science of Godhead manifested in the amazing varieties of mental challenge which inspire one to humbly fall at the lotus feet of Lord Krsna. I understand why the association of devotees is so important now. I have never been exposed to so much intelligence in a concentrated form. The process of giving up my attraction to Maya and the rule of my senses requires an approach designed to overcome my conditioning. Everyone has a unique set of conditioning and I am not sure that in this lifetime I will be able to completely overcome my mind and senses. However I am now aware and that awareness is more than I started with. I believe it is the duty of the devotees to offer the world the opportunity to become aware of the Hare Krsna mantra. This mantra needs to be sung on the radio, the TV and in the movies. It is an attachment to a whole which can be represented by a variety of spokes. It is the outer circle and the inner circle of the wheel. The variety of the spokes give the wheel the ability to turn and through this movement we have life and its external coverings of maya worshipping Krsna. We go from the smallest the inner circle to the largest the outer circle and the journey between the two puts the sound of the Hare Krsna Mantra into our form of devotional worship. The minds on this Forum represent incredible sound vibrations through the written word of intelligence. Thank You All
  2. My humble appreciation for the pleasure of pastimes. I am attracted to Krsna because He understands my ability to make mistakes, become illusioned, to cheat and my imperfect senses. There is a pastime of Bewilderment called brahma-vimohana-lila. Materially born persons cannot fully understand Krsna. Even the Demigods cannot understand Him. I would like the thank Swami Prabhupada for leading my heart to Krsna and this Audarya Fellowship. I now understand the importance of associating with other devotees and feel the presence of the Vaisnava acaryas and the philosophies of Visuddhadvaita, Visistadvaita and Dvaitadvaita. The Truth is I do not know anything about these three philosophies. However the pastime of learning about them from devotees is a blessing. A humble servant with a lot of material faults and plenty of bewilderment. Thank you for the gift of your company.
  3. Dear jndas: Thank you. I have found a home and guidance in the hearts of devotees.Your humble servant Namah
  4. Dear Audarya lila dasa: Thank you for your reply. I have found a place where I can read and converse with understanding, help and guidance.Your humble servant, Namah
  5. Dear Animesh: Your right. Thank you
  6. Am a novice on a journey through the written word of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Read the Bhagavad Gita As it Is, Dialectical Spiritualism - A Vedic View of Western Philosophy, and have humbly travelled through the Srimad Bhagavatam into the Tenth Canto - Part Three. This is also the day I found this website and the home of other devotees. Now I have a place to communicate with devotees and work out my issues and questions. I have been programmed by a Western culture with values and concepts which through thoughtful debate can find their way down the mountain of Truth and into Ocean of Understanding. I am aware that my river is polluted with beliefs from my past. I am a Sudra with Karmi training. What can I say. We all have to start somewhere. Now for my Moon Moods question. I need help in understanding the distance of the Sun and the Moon from Earth. I need help in understanding the lunar moon landing. In my mind the Sun is the gateway to returning to Krsna as a spiritual being and the Moon is the gateway to returning to Krsna as a material being. My struggle is with Duality and overcoming my senses which are treated as Demigods in the West by the vast majority.
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