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  1. Sorry to hear. I greatly believe that whatever is in our destiny will happen. Astrology, Worship , Mantra Japa etc. means to reduce suffering and keeping the hope alive. Amidst all these suffering and pain try to be positive and trust me the positive energy is one which will bring you happiness. There are already so many negative things in this Kalyug so why not just stay positive. Good Luck and go to the mirror and give a big smile.
  2. Param Adarniya Astrologists, I have a hobby in indian astrology ( Hindu Padathi of Moon sign). This horoscope belongs to a person I know who recently lost his excellent Job and looking for a new. Analyzing the horoscope, it really does not look like any thing wrong going on for him. One of the things I can think off is the Shani Dhaya but the Lord Shani is Benefic. Also, Moon and Mercury which are not well placed may be causing him stress and communication issues. Looking at Vishomatti Dasa, he entered in Jupiter - Moon around May 2010 and will be there till Sept. 2011. I was thinking he should do Japa for Moon and wear something for Shanidev do you agree ? Can you advice him on Job, Family etc and any remedies. The details are given below and if you click on image you will be able to see the whole Horoscope. Date of Birth: 21-06-1971 Time of Birth: 20 : 51 Country: India Latitude: 22° 02' N Longitude: 76° 42' E Planetary Position at Birth PLANET SIGN LONGITUDE MOTION NAKSHATRA Ascendant Capricorn 1° 42' --- U Ashadha Sun Gemini 6° 8' Dir Mrigshira Mer Gemini 6° 27' Dir Mrigshira Ven Taurus 17° 55' Dir Rohini Mar Capricorn 26° 9' Dir Dhanishtha Jup Scorpio 4° 46' Ret Anuradha Sat Taurus 6° 57' Dir Krittika Mon Taurus 19° 53' Dir Rohini Rah Capricorn 23° 24' Ret Dhanishtha Ket Cancer 23° 24' Ret Ashlesha
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