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  1. Hello.... My DOB: 22 may 1987 Time Of Birth : 3:30PM Place: Ujjain (M.P) Queries: 1. whats wrong in my horoscope,luck dosent favour me...if any problem pls let me know any remedies. 2. Why i am unlucky in love?? 3. when will i get good job?? 4. kind of marriage...love or arrange??if possible tell me at what age? pls help me i sincerely need ur help in above queries....also if any remedy is there pls let me know. Thnx in advance
  2. My DOB:22 May 1987 BOT: 15:30 PLACE:UJJAIN (M.P) Queries: 1. when will i get job? 2. Luck is not favoring me,why? 3. I dont get love 4. Kind of marriage...love or arrange??and when? if any remedies pls do let me know
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