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  1. My dear brother, I can certainly tell you that you have not gone mad. But do not pay too much attention to what you have seen in your dreams. Kali Ma has no meaning. If you read Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s story, it is said that he used to converse with Kali ma. He thought that is the ultimate thing which is happening to him. His mentor Tota Puri comes and says what is Kali Ma it is just another manifestation of the divine. Does not really mean anything. We need to seek beyond. Yes, I agree that in Hindu religion Kali Ma is worshiped, but to my mind it is still another manifestation but not the divine itself. Coming back to your concern. It could be some impressions, if you believe in past life’s, it could impressions from your past life. Whatever the reason may be, do not pay much importance to it. Because sometimes mind plays tricks on us and we took a path where there is no turning back. What i have seen in my life so far it is the atheists are the one who talk more about GOD more than the believers. Once a student at the Virginia Tech and her mother came to me for learning meditation. Mother is interested in meditation but not the daughter ( must be in her 20s). Daughter said she is atheist hence not interested in mediation. But she is forced by her mother to start meditation. Let me type the conversation here. Me: Who is an atheist? Daughter: The who does not believe in GOD Me: DO you know why people believe in GOD? Daughter: I do not know Me: precisely! Because they do not know the GOD that is why they have to believe. You don’t say when you introduce your mother, I believe she is my mother. Me: Do you know why people do not believe GOD? Daughter: not sure Me: Because they do not believe in the people who believe in GOD. It’s much worst. Forget all these believes and non believes. What is important is not to look for the forms or GODs or GODESSES. To find that ultimate divine in ourselves as a real essence which is inspiring me in this life and I am aspiring to be in that state of happiness by realizing that presence. Without giving it a shape, form or name or any attributes.
  2. Most of the scriptures did talk about the big bang theory ( in some form or the other). But none of the scriptures talked about the evolution of life. Because Vedas started much later and all that they talked about their inner relationship or experience of the divine essence. You will see some references to Dinosaur like creatures in Greek Philosophy. My personal understanding and also learned from my guru is when the center exploded ( big bang) it expanded the divine essence all over which is the universe we see today. This essence took the life form. This life form gained mind. It is the mind which evolved. According to the mind the shape and form came in to existence. The idea of mind is to somehow understand that there is this GOD from where everything came in to existence as his amsha. And we need to merge back in to this amsha where we all came from, like original home. Our scriptures mostly focused on this idea, because evolution is not really important, it is how to reach our home is very essential. Nature explored many life forms and when it learned that the form is not suitable for recognizing this divine essence, it discarded. Much later humans came in to existence. If you read some of the new findings biologists are proving Darvin's theory of evolution is wrong. Humans came in to existence as humans ( or humanoids’) they did not truly evolved from Apes.
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