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  1. dear friend, i am new to this web site and iam learning astro.iam not so expert in this.i would like to share some points what i could analyze after reading ur chart. ur 10 th lord is in 12 th house .this is causing trouble to ur carrier. my advise is: 1.do japam,homam and danam for moon and guru or the following remedies; 1.wear sandal powder or turmeric as thilakam on ur fore head daily after taking bath. 2. worship dakshina murthy every Thurs day and distribute chana (bengal gram) in the temple atleast for 16 days or 16 thurs days or whenevr it is possible to u. 3.do gurucharithra parayanam or shiridi sai charithra parayanam and aadithyahridaya parayanam daily. 4.take blessings from ur eleders very often. 5.friend..i don't think yellow saphire suits u.becuse guru is athi papi for ur lagna.gems should be worn only to positive grahas.please consult a good gem stone person and wear it.till then better not to wear it. 5.worship ganesha and shiva. all the best..regards
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