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  1. Pranam guru ji, I am in real trouble don't know what to do i am in love with a girl she loves me too,we were best friends from 6 years but two years ago we mutually agreed to a relationship,her mother was not ready for this marriage but my fiance was adamant so her mother finally nodded for our engagement last year but she put some condition in front of her daughter to stay with her for one year before marriage my fiance was agreed to that but later on again her mother refused for this marriage this is happening from past i and a half years we are not allowed to meet each other finally me along with my parents went to there place which is 400kms away from our place and we talk to her mother what actually she want than once again my mother-in-law asked for a months time and asked us to make the arrangements we returned to our home but suddenly behavior of my fiance was changed there was a time when she was with me all the time but now the moment i say something about her mother she got angry and irritated all the time and she stopped talking to me,whenever i tried to talk to her she used to say we will talk after marriage our marriage was fixed for last month she was only talking to my mother during this time giving us assurance that she is coming couple of days before the marriage date,just 10 days before our marriage we came to know that her cell phone is switched off she has deleted all her email accounts my emails everything now i don't know where she is,her mother was all into black magic her mother used ask for a picture of her and just couple of months ago my fiance has some strange experinces at her home,dead people in dreams blood spot in front of her room strange noises she had a hard time sleeping so i suggested her to light a deepak infront of tulsi ji she used to do that but from sept she stopped doing everything,now i really dont know what actually happened with her,where she is?i have no idea,i just know one thing that major happened she cant do this,now its been more than one month i have no clue,so is it possible that she can come back and we can marry or if she is under some black magic is it possible to remove that,i am just praying to god all the time to send her back keep her safe,i have never been so spiritual but these days i am always saying sorry for my bad karma's i love her so much,is there any brother or sister who can help me,with some mantra' s or some puja that would be a great help u can take my birth details and my fiance's details as well ,if someone can help please repply me thanks rocky trikha
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