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  1. I was amazed to know that there is some process to call these divine celestial body, I am really not able to believe that such thing exist. in past few year I have faced number of situations both favorable and unfavorable. Me who never believed in god and thought that GOD is purely in your will power. You remain hungry for a daytime and do some 5 min puja for basic personal satisfaction, which generates will power energy get your targeted achievement. I never believed that any things like devil exist and that horror movies show some imaginary picture to create scare. never believed in rishi muni darshan, telepathy, never believed in tantra and magic but when saw all got know that all exist in the same shape and form as we ought to or purohit forced us to accept. I believe angles and apsaras also exist. The link gives info on how to call any apsara and talk to her. Really mesmerizing. Apsara can give you her ornament, or urvashi can be your follower, there are some apsaras who can stay with you as your girlfriend or wife wow!! I was not aware about the core purpose of this sadhana, which was cleared in this blog. It core purpose is to channelise some cosmic energy to open and ones heart, Also understood that is meant for male person. That man will get uplifted heart and apsaras in arms. Extremely heart lightening information
  2. Hi Ramana, you have asked for the temple address and then said thanks but where is the ADDRESS kindly share
  3. Hi, I am looking for Mp3 of pratyangira stotram in hindi can you advice me from where should i get online
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