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  1. Namaste. Taditionally, at tirupati the Sri Sampradayam is followed. They too are vaisnavas (e.g observe ekadasi and so forth), so yes...they do not use onion or garlic in food preparations. Traditionally, Baliji or Lord Venkateshwara loves ladhus. Other special preparations include dates, yoghurt rice, tamarind rice, and cudla (=chickpeas).
  2. Haribol ! I see what you mean. I'm sure many devotees understand where you are coming from, but what I try to do is rejoice in the actual names. Once that becomes second nature, the number of rounds increase in turn. For me, I find it helpful to always try and engage in kirtan, especially in front of a form of the Lord. You don't have to necessarily be leading the kirtan, but just by listening to different styles of kirtan, one can easily awaken their love for chanting the mahamantra. I hope I was of some service.
  3. Hare Krishna ! I decided to create this thread so that we can learn of the favourite foods of the Lord in his various forms. So here's 2 foodstuffs that I know - Lord Krishna loves butter. Lord Venkateshvara loves laddu It would be great if people can add to this, so can we increase our knowledge bank of what particular foodstuffs the Lord loves in his various forms.
  4. Hare Krishna. People join the Hare Krishna movement for so many reasons. The same can be said when you consider their form of service. Some people want to cook for Krishna, others want to paint and yet others want to learn the scriptures. So what do we do, if we feel we have no special talents. Serving Krishna comes in a multitude of forms, but the best choice is always to start off simple. If it means serving prasadam, sweeping the temple floor, or cleaning the windows. Otherwise, it is always good to speak to head pujari and they can organise for you. Obviously with service at home, it is different. I always use the basic rule of "think of the basics". Simple acts such as reading and hearing about Krishna are sometimes the ebst form of service we can perform, depending on our current circumstances. Whatever you do, just remember to follow your heart, and always aim to satisfy the Lord. Even it means offering 1 sabji, then try to make the sabji to the best of your ability. Hope I was able to offer some assistance. Hare Krishna !
  5. In general, using tulasi beads is ok. However, this depends on your status. If you are following 4 regulative principles of [1] No meat eating [2] No alcohol [3] No gambling [4] No illicit sex than by all means do so. Otherwise, better to start off with plain beads.
  6. In response to the reply after the big pic by Guest on pg 11............ Some of what you raise is very much indeed correct. The example of prophet Mohammed not being an avatar, and therefore not belonging in the picture is factually correct. [see Bhavishya Purana]. However, I must say that you should not deface the body of any religion. That is to say, that even though one may not think of Mohammed as God, it is still true that he was a phrophet who propagated the word of Islam. Because of this we cannot insult other religions' devotees, as this is not only socially unacceptable but also against the core values of being a vaishanva. Furthermore, you say " What we see in the image above pretty much sums up most of what I find exasperating and disturbing about modern day ISKCON". Remember, ISKCON is the body of Srila Prabhupada, and by insulting ISKCON, you also insult Prabhupada's work in promoting Krishna Consciousness. I'm sure that you will not contest the fact the Srila Prabhupada was a true acharya, but do not let one moment's quick thought blaspheme the work of Srila Prabhupada. So if you feel that you are a pure vaishnava, than I recommend you try and challenge you
  7. Hare Krishna. It is said in the bhagavatam, that in this age of Kali Yuga, there will be many religions that are derived from purely fictitious sources, but it is not really our place to say if a certain religion is true or not. We have no grounds. I feel that people who put down devotees of other religions should realise that it is not of vaishnav etiquette and nature to do so, as this incurs more sin. So, lets look at positives and rejoice in the fact that Swami Narayan was another conduit in which to promote the vaishnava constitution, regardless of whether we see his as an acarya as god himself.
  8. Namaste, As far as I know, the 53 verse is the more correct version to follow. Hope that I could be of some help. /images/graemlins/laugh.gif.
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