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  1. I can connect to the web with my phone and get emails. My phone can also do what the guest's response says to do. I have a motorola camera phone using cingular service.
  2. It probably varies from phone to phone and provider to provider. I am able to make my own ringtones by sending the music file to my phone as an email and then downloading it to the proper file on my phone from there. But this might not work on all phones and companies.
  3. Can someone please explain this term to me?
  4. Krishna shows Himself to devotees only. The eyes of non-devotees are covered with maha maya so they only see Krishna as a material man or object. Krishna shows the Silas as fossils to the non-devotees. But the devotees have the eyes to see the Silas true identity.
  5. Who is it by? When I it immediately starts downloading without asking permission or giving any info. Can you tell us something more about this? thanks
  6. Thanks to both of you for your responses. Someone elsewhere said I can't use Tulsi beads to chant on because I am not initiated. Is this true?
  7. Hi everyone! I am wanting to start chanting but not sure about some details. I do not have a guru and have never been to a temple. What kind of beads do I use? What else do I need to know? Thanks, SusieQ
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