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  1. can anyone explain to me why this is happening everytime i do japa with gayatri mantra i feel tremendous heat inside me for long periods of time. for example i chant 1 round just one round of gayatri mantra on sunday and my body felt heated so much for the whole weak i mean i was in freezing air conditioning and internal i was still feeling very hot. can someone please tell me whats going on i will be thankfull
  2. but it was shiva who also gave krishna the boon to defeat his enemies, i shaivities dont mis quote anything, lord vishnu,shiva and bramha are the same they are all diffferent manifestations of the paramatma. why cant u ignorant people realize this i guess its because we live in the kal yug. but u are a fool to down grade shiva when u reach by krishna he would say u are the real mayavadi.
  3. it doesnt matter if u are female or not u can chant any mantra u want, beej mantra is the seed or root mantra of a specfic god or goddess usually it is one word but to that god or goddess its very powerfull, you can use the beej along or in a combination. example dhoomavati beej is dhoom. so u can add other parts to the beej. like om dhoom dhoom dhoomavati svaha
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