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  1. In Goloka Vrindavn, Krsna is always a budding youth of 16 years old. Some people, myself included like to think of Krsna as a baby. For those conditioned souls holding this particular sentiment; when they go to Golok and they want to hold baby Krsna, feed him, rock him to sleep ect., how are those desires met with when Krsna is not in baby form. Do some people attain duel forms and perform pastimes on earthly planets where Krsna starts out as a baby while at the same time enjoying Goloka Vrindavn in the Spiritual world?
  2. Could it be that Shiva is an expansion of Lord Krsna, similar to the way that narayan is an expansion? Why else would he have his own spiritual abode in the spiritual world, (or on the border of the spiritual world.) I don't know and am sincerely asking. I wanted to start a new thread about this, but it kind of fits in this thread.
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