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  1. Nice and cool jokes. Some additions: 1. Q:What is smallest mathematical joke? A: Let epsilon be less than 0 2. Once, a man lost his way. He asked one of passersby - Where am I. Passerby said after 5 minutes - You are far away from your home. The man concluded - You are mathematician. Because i) You took a long time to answer my question ii) The answer was technically correct iii) The answer was useless to me. 3. Q: What is integration of 1/cabin? A: natural log cabin + c (sea) = houseboat. 4. Once, a chemist, a physicist and a mathematician went to a conference. They were forced to cross a river. Mathematician said - I should solve the equation of crossing the river. He jumped into river. Physicist said - I should get motion related constants to cross the river. He too jumped. Chemist concluded - Both are soluble in water. 5. Q: How pi (3.14...) teases i (square root of -1)? A: Pi says - get real. i says - Be rational. HAHAHA
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