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  1. Greetings Everyone, Firstly, Thank you in advance for your precious time for scanning through my very long post. My Details: Gender: Female Dob: 17-03-1984 ToB: 09:55am PoB: Vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh) Im right now in a very bad phase in life(It was worst since 2005. I blame it on sade sati...coz I've done nothing to deserve this.).My life is currently stagnant. I have studied abroad and been back home. Landed in a good job and out of it in 6 months. CAREER ------- (1)Please let me know when will I be able to get a good job and how is my career progress? (2)My aim in life is to settle abroad either on work or after marriage? When will I fulfill my dream? MARRIAGE ---------- I would like to know when am I likely to get married and will it be an arranged or love? Is my marital life happy? ------I have been told that JUPITER in 7th house in LEO gives a very dominating,wealthy and powerful spouse. Is it true? I have JUPITER placed in 7th in Navamsa and in 8th in Birth Chart. MARS in 7th in Birth chart . What do these placements indicate about my spouse characteristics ,profession,background... and the like). ------I have Mars in 7th place in my birth chart which, according to few, is considered malefic for marriage. Are there any exceptions in my chart which cancel the negative effect. Also Rahu in Lagna is also known to give malefic results. In what ways will these affect my life/marriage. Also, I have heard 2 contrast versions of RAHU/KETU placed in 1/7 houses . (BAD) : It is said that RAHU in Lagna is not beneficial for marriage and that RAHU in the signs owned by VENUS gives more than two marriages. (GOOD) : RAHU is said to be exalted in TAURUS and KETU in SCORPIO (Angular houses) , and with Lagna lord VENUS(friend of RAHU,lord of Lagna) well placed, it is usually good for the native with respect to marriage and inheritance.+++Also, RAHU in TAURUS ascendant enables the the native to reside in foreign land. +++ Which of the above is true? In my case, I am a native of TAURUS Lagna and my Lagna lord VENUS is in 10th house, which is considered good placement. So, will I see any beneficial effects of RA/KE in my lagna and spared of extreme hardships related to marital life? Any multiple marriages indicated in my chart? Please tell me how would my marriage be in general? extremely pathetic/miserable due to the ill placement of RA/KE or will I have atleast satisfying marriage? Will my marriage last ? Very worried about RA/KE and MA in 1/7 houses. I feel there is no point inviting trouble in the form of marriage if the placement is not favourable in my chart ,for, I feel Marital bond if for life. I dont want to go through the process of disputes, separation,misery all because of marriage. What do you all think ? YOGAS ------- Am I blessed with any beneficial YOGAS that might cancel the negative effects mentioned. As I already mentioned, I want to settle abroad in the future . Any yogas for the same in my chart? I am very spiritually inclined. What progress will I make in that direction? Thank you all in advance for the wonderful service and most importantly for your time and responses. I am in dire need of answers and guidance. Regards.
  2. Thank you for the advice Admin. We think alike! Regards Sampurna(Name changed)
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