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  1. in all that is made from GOD and brings life and takes it.(could mean eat or destroy) Words and meanings are not feeling, but feeling is life. Who is to say who made it, for who to take it if fear is there feeling aways, so how can one judge what GOD made. Those that judge over nature do not really believe in GOD but, search for there right. GOD took it, or it wouldn't be there. Logic turns to abstract in a mind of fear and misunderstanding of life from life through GOD. OM, Aum.....54 BONG JAH SHIVA ROOR! OM NAMAH SHIVAY-BOM SHIVA BOLENATH-OM SHIVA Peace to all that can sit in, on and around nature. Without harming others like killing to eat meat. But, they turned it so you can't kill and plant and eat it, Now who made GOD?
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